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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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Somthing i found on my computer, no clue who what when where why or how about it.
somthing i did in my spare time
Somthin i wrote a while ago to vent anger
Its a song...i guess...i dunno, its a poem that could be....idk screw it just screw it -.-
Just somthing i wrote when i wasnt in a good mood lets say. if you read it and go WTF? then dont feel bad cause i can gaurentee i will be saying the same thing tomorrow
A poem for that special someone in your life
Some poems I've done in my spare time
The biggest poem i have ever written.
And if your gonna go out, go out with a bang.
Days spent- 5, total pages- 8
Just a bunch of poems! Most of them arent really good. Read if you want! ^^
This is for all of my friends and some people I look up to on Fanart Central. I appercatie all that you guys have done for me so this is all I ccan do right now. Later I will have pictures! ^-^ Enjoy!
how to tell when you are too obsessed with Inuyasha *** READ*** Important INfo here!