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something i wrote yesterday when i was thinking and crying
i've just felt this way for a while, and i kinda needed to get it out of my system...sorry if it's not that great. i want to be able to write poetry better esp for ap eng next year. please tell me wot you think of it=]
i did this poem for a poetry project in english, and my mum and the teacher liked it and said that they could relate, so i thought i'd put it up here and see wot y'all think of it too.
Winry's a bounty hunter, Riza and Izumi are her teachers/bounty hunters and the Elric Brothers just held a convention that was temp. stopped. Will Winry be able to save the brothers from danger or will they all be blown to bits while inside the buil
It's been three years after the finding of the Philosopher's Stone. Ed and Al are back to normal, but what are they to do now? Seems like Ed still has some unfinished business to do...
again, this is a fanfic of Genkai's fanfic. if you really liked the last 67 things, then you'll really like this one! pls read and comment! ^_^
i got inspired by Genkai's 67 things to do when ur bored(so its like a fanfic of genkai's fanfic), and i also realized that i was going on a plane soon, so BOOM! this idea popped into my head!