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kagome finally comes back to the fuedal era. but finds something...
A wolf meets his mate.
Some Comedy (Maybe)
this is a story about two friends trying to make a decent liveing and thier fealings for one another.
I made this story it'll take you on a ride to see what being dead is like this Hero must die and live to save the world. I'm running out of name Ideas so if you want to be in the book please comment and put your name and if you want to be in the book
well, this is my first fanart thing, and so it has my character, Rikki_La and a random assortment of Manga/Anime characters, have some mishaps while playing spin the bottle...
Includes: Anime/Manga: Shinzo, Shaman King, Rave Master, Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragonball Z/GT, Beyblade: G-Revolution, FullMeatal Alchemist, and Yu-Gi-Oh!
Vid. Games: Kingdom Hearts
This quiz has well, 'you' in it.Only, I control what you say and do!Oh and when you see stars it means you are thinking.
The continued adventures of the Happy Lesson gang. This time, it centers mostly around Hazuki and her new boyfriend.
The Dark Empire begins to assemble their forces in great numbers. Their goal, to conquer the entire Anime Universe.
Read it.
It's a surprize ^.^
I've read Kitsune's Yaoi Rant and loved it, so I decided to take it one step further by defending yuri, too! Please take a look!
a sad poem of heartbreak
its kinda how im feeeling right now but its about heartbreak and lost love
An article I've made about a common question- Does Religion wrongly-judge animes? Is it walking on touchy grounds? I'll Investigate this in my newest article.
umm anouther one i wrote at the same time as end
umm its just a poem i wrote in the last 10 minutes of school
umm well i dunno read it
this is my first one posted i hope you like it
This is one of my lovely fanfictions. it is a crossover woith lots of anime and only has the wonderful bishounen. It USED to be on fictionpress, but hten the jerks took it down. Oh well, its still a hit.