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just a poem ok
IT's really importent
dont know what to say so you tell me.
Is this love for real. oneshot
yup i was bored just another Yami bakura one crossed over from family guy
I started to just write it, because I was thinking about yu yu hakusho and how much i liked it!
I did this out of bordom
Another story I had to do for my english class, a difference in I told it from first person view, and also it doesnt have anything inappropiate.
dit is een gek verhaal die ik en een vriendin hebbe geschreven. het hebt zeer lollige momenten in. ik doe hem tussen anime/manga omdat er veel anime series en films in voor komen.
mostly poems i wrote when me and my girl brok up
Raven and BeastBoy find something in each other that they've never seen before.
What happen when I gain the possion of a remote that allow me to travel into the TV world, but there's a surprise Im summon by cartoon character to fight a menace that threatns their wolrd and mine.
The Beginning of my Play Extravaganza! Hoping to update soon though....
just trying something new red this to find out more about what i'm doing if you want to join in by all means go ahead.
thank you.
this story is not based off an anime but i made it myself, i hope you all like it and i really hope you will comment for me to make another chapter!
if u like funny stories about mental people u will like this.i am not mean, just funny.
this is a poem i wrote please read!
Character Profiles i guess...
before i start this story, i just want to make a point that irealize that a certain amount of you hate, kikyo, and i have to say i understand why (Kinda), but i made this about how kikyo could have started out... where she was probaly alot nicer( ma
what can i say, its a REAl adventure!
Pixie has been to schools over the world but when she starts her new school in domino high things start to go right for once. she meets the cute and funny joey and his friends. but pixies got a secret, and when joey finds out her sister is Mai thing
Enjoy Your Lord And Master Foamy At
Enjoy Your Lord And Master Foamy At
Enjoy Your Lord And Master Foamy At