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So sad and like cool i like it
Rory wants to become a syari warrior.How far will she go and how much will she sacrifice to fufill her life dream?(sry ppl this is the 1st time i've ever written a story so sry if its bad.I'll get better (i hope^-^) there'll b more chap...
Can you love and hate someone at the same time? When Kagome meets a man over the internet and begins to fall in love with him, she doesn’t know that she hates him in real life, when she finds out who he is, will love or hatred prevail?
I may be drawing, some characters from a story I'm writing soon, so I thought I better explain the characters!
Is about a 12 year old girl who teams up with another boy.A year later she finds out her father was a powerful demon who could have powers.
we, the fangirls meet the hottest guys in Anime ever!!!! ^^
This is a story of a very confused girl(me)namedRachal contains of a verity of diffrent anime.this is the first chapter ,but i honestly have no clue for a titel to the whole story...but enjoy!^_^
Detective Brown is a hilarious low-time detective thats about to uncover a big time case! the Gold Digger is the first of many in the series
........... read and find out
These are ten reasons you might be obsessed with Anime
When kikyo thinks that kagome has come between her and Inuyasha, she kidnaps kagome and it up to inuyasha to choose between his dead love, or his future with kagome
Inuyasha knows he has feeling for Kagome.
But will he ever be abel to show them to her? It doesnt help that they have been kidnapped be an demond and koga, the wolf demond that loves kagome, must save them...
People from Sonic, Pokemon, and Sailor Moon are in a singing show. People for ages 8 and up.
A little fanfiction I made to poke fun at some popular anime/game characters. Enjoy laughter at other's expense!
fire in it!
All my favorite anime shows and their people are going to compete in a special challenge.Who will be #1!!!!!
rave a gothic teenage boy is saved by Raven a gothic teenage girl with magical powers Rave has no clue or trace that hes from the planet AZARATH and two souls start a journey with action twists and romance
The Start
A little story that I haven't completed but will if you like what you read.(I got very bored on the plane)
A new mews in town and they just moved to Tokyo from the US can the mews find theam?
A poem I wrote... Please read and comment //_^
Anyone who read my rant named "Equality" must read! IMPORTANT!