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another for my dad
another poem for marc....
ooohhh yeaah
my life story..kinda..well..not really.haha
a poem to muh daddy...
tis a poem for my Bff Kayley
tis sappy..and for marc..beware!
yes...another poem...
a poem about me..and this is to everyone..

its a poem..that i wrote..yeah...just like the rest of them..
its about Nessa and Yaron getting together
A slightly sad song parody about east coast cosplayers.

Please Read and Review
Cosplay love song!
Funny (I think)

Please Read and Review.
very sad song about cosplay. Not autobiographical in any way. Please Read and Review.
song parody about drawing adult anime art. Please read and review.
I was watching this war movie in school and I got the insperation for this. meh -_-
I'm getting a little ticked about all the anti-yaoi stuff going around. So I just kinda blew off steam...please read!
A phantom king who loves plant with flesh and blood like a demon in a way only in human world they will start to glow green. Who kidnapps human girls whoever reads the book called "Phantom king" but that will all change soon....
Its a poem about..well..i dunno but its on one of my pictures ^_-
This is a story I wrote. It's not finished yet. The main charactors don't have any names yet so thats why it's he/she. Well enjoy!!!
This is another story I just made up. It isn't finished either but enjoy...