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mmmmmm it was for shool and sory for that lame names its my first story.
A Short story I wrot one mornign when I was bored... yeah...

Please coment!
hell is welcome to all
The story takes place in a land far far away. I wrote this long ago and just found it
a poem i wrote in english class
My new book, a preview is now released. Loved by Teachers too!
Wanna take a a trip to the graveyard after the mall?
Written by Jadeus and I at 3am. This has spawned a comic that we've started. I'm doing the line art, my friend Terri is doing the backgrounds, and my fiance Luke is doing the cging for the covers and such.

I'll scan the issue when it's up.
What happens to a family of vacatioers when a storm hits, and some one comes knocking on thier door?
A Poem I Made After Listening To Some Eminem :P ...Inspirational :P ^_^
A creature sitting in a single dark room... Rarely has there ever been any light in this room.... armed only with a broken memory... and little or no control over his own emotions... For the most part, you'll have to draw your own conclusions about t
It's a story about a normal fifth grade girl. She dreams and hopes for happiness in the world until one day, she discovers an old, dusty chest in the corner while cleaning her attic that's been lonely for 68 years...
This is actually a poem I made up cause I feel unloved
Eavi. Not the pokemon. The cat demon, once a human, constantly abused by his parents, who had not wanted to have a child in the first place. This is the story of his life. This is how it all began.
This is a story told by Anthem through the key struggles in his life. It's shorter than my normal writings. Please enjoy.
The Wolf's Rain cast goes on a vacation
to get away from everything back in Japan...and where else to go than one of the Hawaiian islands? When they get there, it seems they can't get away from anyone they once knew...This is how I think they would
A collaborative fic by me and my friend. I hope you enjoy it!