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Basically, I`m one very peeved little person and i`m generally angry for several reasons..this is what came from it. We`ll say sounds better.
i wrote this in school about an someone who i thought was my best friend but ended up stabbing me in the back... she... well, just read it.
a poem about how i feel inside...
A short poem about... well rain...
A poem i wrote one night when it was raining and the power went out.
Beware, this is compeltly random
Shyam Margor reminisces about the only woman he has ever truly loved. Moonless Age short story.
9 ways of getting out of detention for not handing in your homework
My very own weirdness.
PLEASE READ!!!! :( nobody likes me... :(
a dream became her, consumed her life ...her mind. can she save HIM , the one she loved, the only one who could understand her? Time has NO place here.
A Poem I worte a while ago.
Hehe. This is a poem I wrote after playing Fugitive w/ my friends. It surprised a couple of people
This story was irronically written before the hurricane seaon of 2005. It is a suspenseful story about a teenage boy named Brian, whose family gets stuck right in the middle of a new breed of Hurricane. This story of loss and catastrophe is one that
What happens when you put a bowel of pure sugar on the other end of a room, and put a sugar-crazed maniac and a migit on the other? Things start exploding, mostly heads.
hiya this is a story i made up i think its kinda funny i don't know abut u
This is a poem that I did a while back, one year actually. Well, tell me what you think about it.
ever wish your life was a littel more exciting. you'll think twice after reading this.
This is a poem I wrote in science class. Me and RavenGothGirl were seeing who could right a better poem.
(Mine is way better!) JK! RGG!
This is a poem I made to be a message to everyone that feels alone, like nobody cares, enjoy!
Kochii is your average Elementary Student. With one exception, she has magical powers! She is 'Lovely Fighter Kochii' and it's up to her and her magical powers to save her friends from the evil 'Lovely Fighter Crystal'. The Power of Love and Friendsh
i wrote this for a friend who is sort of at a depressing stage and needs some encouragement.
Just another one of my songs that came from my realy depressed mood right now. Actualy, almost everything ive wrote recently has been about Shane.
They say,that you visit a place,and are taken by a guide to which ever dream they,or even you wish.These Guides watch over you,this is just one such compilation of Aleksandra's(needler's) many dreams,and even nightmares.(There are guest worlds/charac