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-Have you ever wondered what it’s like in hell? Follow the adventures of Sam Mason, a man who life has washed up on the shores. After his almost completed suicide, Sam is taken to a government operation: project inferno, where Sam will soon learn the
This was a quick poem written for those who lost their lives
A story of 4 people, chosen to harness the four Elements to stop a new evil arisen in the world.
A simple piece looking at different ways of describing characters. A lot of people on another site seemed to like it a lot ... for some odd reason.
About a girl who is alot like me. She has a strong imagination and most things for her turn into adventures. Just a small story I'm working on
This story is about a girl named Krista. She's having trouble believing that she has any friends, because it seems as if they never have time for her. In her dreams, she's visited by an angel who says he's come to help her. The first chapter is wr
a boy. merged with a cabbage
its about a girl who's fater died (she's a princess) and she must avenge him she run into some obstacle along the way and must face them (its really good read it)
the story of a man with XD who saves the world
A few girls at a boarding school with a few big secrets on their plates...
a poem about someone named tj...uh
Who are the Thr Three LoserTeers? What are The Three LoserTeers? Find out Here!
My first story so don't hate me for trying.
just a little poem i made dedicated to my friends and family!
Well after the raging of a war between two of the most powerful birds species(Prologue), two Red-tailedhawks who are on their very first migration get lost in the north. Their main objective is to return home to their nests, but what other events wil
This is a story that i've been meaning to write for a while, and it actually happened so no flames please...
Nothing more than my fancharrie's bios
Kitona, Kairi, Hina, and Huepou have to save the world...*gay super hero music*
It's Jade and Jagokus turn to talk!
its about how stupid peoople are for ruining the earth
this is one honoring Jack Skellington for Halloween
A poem I did of my REALLY crappy life
The story begins when a young man finds a crystal in his family's attic...