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Well, since rick-chan took it down, I'm reposting it for him. It's all the shoots that happened to him. Extremely funny. ^^
Jessie and Jason Evens, the double trouble team, are exact opposites, even though they are identical twins. But after High School somthing bad happens and their whole family is split up. One day, after three years of nothing, Jessie suddenly shows up
A mutant karrot learnt karate, many a year ago. But we don't show you that, cause its boring. instead we show you even more boring (Joke, offending me, but it don't)
This is a six parter that i plan to make as a claymation. Alot of well known characters enter the portal. Something about Newgrounds.
If you are bored in lunch annoy the lunchladies!!!
A variety of stupid stories that either me or me and my friends thought of while walking back from french class lol.
Just a story about a girl who moves to a new school. Basically, the girl is me but all the 'I' is 'you'
My own story that is somewhat based after the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.... the book not the movie but i think it is preatty good.
Another assignment that turned out well (I hope) It's a submission for our creative mag at school, it won't make much sense to anyone not from school, but here it is, ps the mag is named "Mirage"
a story about two boys at haloween. i had 2 write it for school. :P
Whoever said rhyming had to be sane?
I thought this would be funny to write! LOL!
These are some random things off the top of my head.
I thought this would be funny since many of my friends (Including myself) are Zelda fans on here. Please review and comment.
well, find out if you are a blonde! (or a blonde at heart)
This is a funny little... thing that Karasu_hiei-girl and I wrote one weekend together when we got bored. If you like humor, you'll like this!
DUDE and CHEESE my two greatest luvs united
Stories of what happened to me while I was in the 7th grade. (Their really just reports I had to do, but stories nontheless.)
the title says it all. nearly everything is in here from the funny to the just plain creepy.
I had the strangest urge to use the word "generic", while writing a story. its not really a story, its more like dialogue. Whatever. Read it, and you will regret wasting your time. o.o hundred things to do in class when you're bored.
I did this poem sitting around being bored and thinkin about stuff that I hate... and this is what I came up with.
Funny your mamma jokes that i have made up!
My friend Em and I wrote this a very, very long time ago.