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Member Info
Names:Mike and Shobu

Favorite Songs: No Matter What (Yu-Gi-Oh! Music To Duel By), Ghostbusters Theme Song (Ray Parker Jr.), Panik (Yu-Gi-Oh! Music To Duel By), I'm Back (Yu-Gi-Oh! Music To Duel By), One Week, Breakaway (Kelly Clarkson),Always(Bon Jovi), Walkin' On The Sun (Smashmouth)

Favorite Duel Monster Card: Dark Magician

Favorite Duel Masters Card: Bolshack Dragon

Favorite Writers: Lady D 10290 and Brittany, DJ Rodriguez, Dan Man, Seto+Serenity Forever

Favorite Quote: Don't Try To Beat Someone, Try To Win

Favorite Millenium Item: Millenium Puzzle

Favorite Shows: MegaMan NT Warrior, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Duel Masters, Rave Master, Pokemon, Digimon (Season 2), Fresh Prince Of Bell-Air, Xiaolin Showdown, and The Batman Favorite Movies: The Marix (The Trilogy), Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie, The Good, the Bad, and the Bolshack (Duel Masters), Get A clue, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Movie/Secret of the Ooze, and Back to the Future 1/2/3.

Top7 Favorite Characters:

#1 Yugi Moto- He is #1 in my book, no questions asked. I do not care much for his dark half, Yami. Yugi has done a lot for others, even if they don't realize it on how much he has affected all of them. It just ticks me off to see his alter ego get the credit and glory, while he is just the quiet one in the background. Well, I'm going to make sure he gets recogonized! In my stories, he gets the girl, becomes a recognizable hero, and also gets the attention and respect he deserves!(Quoted From DJ Rodriguez)

#2 Lan Hikari- The Best Netbattler Around! Chaud always gets the credit, fame, and glory for doing Better than Lan, but we all know that Lan Is the #1 Netbattler around!

#3 Shobu Kirafuda- He Rocks! Mostly because he is a lot like me.

#4 Mikealangello- Fun Loving, Pizza Loving, Living Life... He Rocks!

#5 Haru Glory- Greatest Rave Master around and He kicks Shadow Guard Butt!

#6 Ash Ketchum- My list was origionally meant for top 5 but I just had to make room for Ash since he rocks at Pokemon battles!

#7 Odd- Odd rules! He lives life, Listens to music constantly, and can make a bad situation good!

I Hate Yaoi And Yuri Relations(No Offence) but it just makes me beyond mad to see it in stories!

Favorite TV Show/Anime Characters

Yugi Moto/Yu-Gi-Oh!

Seto Kaiba/Yu-Gi-Oh!

Mokuba Kaiba/Yu-Gi-Oh!

Ash Ketchum/Pokemon

Will Smith/Fresh Prince Of Bell Air,Men In Black, Wild Wild West, Shark Tale

Shobu Kirafuda/Duel Masters

Dino Thunder Black Ranger(Tommy Oliver)/Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Haru Glory/Rave Master

Lan Hikari/Megaman NT: Warrior

Mikealangello/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles



Sora/Kingdom Hearts

Shrek/Shrek The Movie

Omi/Xiaolin Showdown

Blue Beetleborg(Drew)/Beetleborgs

Davis and Veemon/Digimon(Season 2)

Tim Taylor/Home Improvement

Sam/Totally Spies

Odd/Code Lyoko

Favorite Anime Couples

Yugi/Serenity (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Joey/Mai (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Ash/May (Pokemon)

Haru/Ellie (Rave Master)

Shobu/Sayuki(Duel Masters)

Lan/Maylu (Megaman NT Warrior)

Never Give Up! You All Rock!

And Seto+Serenity Forever thanks for a great story to read!


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Comments (21)

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setokaibaslittlesis on October 12, 2005, 8:16:14 AM

setokaibaslittlesis on
setokaibaslittlesisHeya!! Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE your American Idol story. BUT I CAN'T SEE PAST WHEN THEY BEAT UP MIKE!!! WHERE ARE THE CHAPTERS?? is my computer jsut completley crazy? Is that it?? Oh, and I wanted to read about Yugi's big date so bad. But I really shouldn't be at this a church thing...even if they do have I guess I'll leave!! Bye!

Ps. I was wondering...are you one person//or two...beacuse you said that Shobu went to college or something...maybe it was just wondering. Bye for real this time!

yami_seto_grl on March 28, 2005, 2:54:32 AM

yami_seto_grl on
yami_seto_grlhi, mike you,ve gotta finish your story,american idol the yugioh mix. and post it up on also. you know me thier as yamiseto's grl (theresa) in your story. ok, then bye

MpJa-KINGDOM-HEARTS-lover on February 11, 2005, 8:58:23 AM

MpJa-KINGDOM-HEARTS-loverhey! can you draw me with sora? let's see your original art.. ^^

I_luv_jesus on February 10, 2005, 11:18:12 AM

I_luv_jesus on
I_luv_jesusHI! I'd love to be friends with you. I emailed you by the way with the terrimikemissy one. Then figured out that was the wrong one and should've read your comment more clearly and emailed you again on the Mikeshobu one.

Black_Breeze on February 10, 2005, 6:05:19 AM

Black_Breeze on
Black_BreezeFirst I'd like to apoligize for the absolutely rude behavior you've been recieving from the various artists here.

But I do have a question.

How is it that your "Kairi and the Keyblade" looks exactly the same as Careksims' "Kairi's Key"?

Now, it may not be any of my buisness, but believing your side of the story is quite hard when the signature at the bottom says 2003 when this picture was sent in 2005, when you said it took you a year.

That was two years ago.

I think you understand what I'm saying. Usually artists, no matter what kind of genre art they do, have one exact similar style in each of their drawings that differs from others. All of yours each have a different drawing style, and I can't see any similarities.

Look, judging from your profile you seem like a nice guy, so really, REALLY hope I'm wrong about you.

If you would like to prove me wrong, please kindly explain the reason for your drawings are different.

MirMir on February 8, 2005, 1:20:07 PM

MirMir on
MirMirHi ya Mike! I wanna thank you for that picture that you emailed me! It was so cool!! Those people that are calling you a thief need to stop their yapping and get a drawing something! Sheez!! Any who Thanks again Mike take care!!

Escapee_From_Bedlam on February 8, 2005, 7:31:06 AM

Escapee_From_Bedlam on
Escapee_From_BedlamIt's very funny how you plan on switching my reasoning around in order to make you seem innocent.

And you’re very clever too! Yep, this Careskims person saw your art first ever since 2003, and now that it’s 2005, you’re going to post the very same picture that is ‘yours’.

Very clever..
_Kairi/ Keyblade

Or more to the point, why is it that the signature on the picture with Sora and the Oblivion and Oathkeeper is not the same as John Joseco? (the real artist for Kairi’s Keyblade)

I honestly haven't got anything else to say to you.

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