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For those who love to rp, here are some of my characters for Rping in different worlds!!!!
Based on real people in my life, this story is imaginative, creative, and a bit gory too!
I make these song lyrics for you to give me the thumbs up or thumbs down on it being either good or bad. So, give me your relpy be nice about it, okay?!
This From my New COPYRIGHTED Story 'Hazel-Jikan Hogosha'(Which By the way Means 'Hazel- Time Guardian') I haven't Posted it here yet, But I might if I get Comments and Support! So Feel free to Comment and tell your friends! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
this is basicly my OC's profiles
Zero and my other OC's are ready for all of your questions so let 'em have it

So start asking :) Hey guys please let me know who your questions are directed to!
Sealed Away for over 1,000 years, The Powers of One young Man will be awakened! and With his Half Human Partner they will Defy Gravity and The rest of their worlds. They will save the souls of Thousands Because their destiny's are... Sealed
Yeeeeeeeeup, I'm crazy. ^_____^
A dictator with a blankie? Anakin Skywalker in a Naruto story? (Wha...?) A pebble for a country? These can only be the antics of Miharu, the dictator of the entire WORLD!
This story is kind of a crossover between our story, Naruto, and Megaman. But I won't spoil it more than that
Mild Language
These are the characters for Our upcoming story "The 19th Dimension" Please read these before reading the story, otherwise it won't make sense
Ahehehe.... this is kinda my own made story
i maked this hard so plese comment and rate
1-5 stars only! if u dont under stand something in this story just ask.

dont forget to comment! pls!pls!
This is my part of a trade I did with Farah. Daniel and Flora are Farah's original characters. You can go to her site right here.
blah... this is for my random moments
you can find anythin in here
What happens when my friends and I get kidnapped by vampires? Utter insaneness, that's what! Some chapters may contain sexual content and violence
Merina Davis thought she was just a freak with weird eyes, but she's about to find out that she's much more than that.
About a girl at her party... and something will change when she blows out the candles... um, just read it, 'k?
[The story of cheese]. This is a melodrama I wrote for the first of my two Theater Arts classes. This is the story of a man named Louis and his Dairy Products. Short and sweet, but kinda funny :P.
This is the story of my OC's Seraphin and Gyash.

Let me show you a world, where dragons are real and not only a fairy-tale,…
Alice,a 15year old girl,born with an illness,finds a 4-leaf clover right in front of her boyfriend's cafe.when she wishes for her illness to be cured,she ends up lost in another demention,plus in this new demention her illness is taking over her body.
I duuno it was a quick one
summary inside.
*need a title! suggestions please!
Biographies of my All Oc's