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This is a poem I wrote about, well, me ...
A sequel to a Edocatastrophi's story. I strongly advise reading the original first. There's sex in her though. Well here's a link to her DA account. Just look for the story called "Life in a Lab".
this is the first part of my fan fiction called broken you have to read it its freaking awsome any way i havent finished it yet lol lol lol lol so hope ya enjoy bye bye ~~
Well, here are some 'interviews' with all of my characters. Very random. You may not get the Puffy and Hunter one, so just incase, remember that Hunter has the power of telekinysis. Anyhoo, enjoy.
just another poam...not that anyone reads this, if you DO read this, PLEASE leave a comment T-T
This is for Chris and Rachel (Amaya Asakura and Rachel Robinson) Because I know they're going through hard times. Although they may be fighting I know they still love each other! Please R&R
its more of a narative poam that i wrote for school but never turned in.
This is actually a good story! please read it!
This was once "NOT STORies/ SONGs**", but now it`s "Songs 1" and in this songs comparsion it has my favorite artisan`s songs.
This is yet another poem about something that everyone fears so please listen to what I write and I hope u like it R&R ^_^
this is what mace puts in his diary when he moves to australia
Life was already hectic for Kim... Bad grades, her parents were still away on their 'business trip.' Kelly her sister was almost always out doing something making her babysit. Then right when she's trying to get to sleep she's sucked into an alternate dim
Random oneshots by yours truly! I know they kinda suck, go easy on me. I'm not that good with fanfics. *sob* And also for some strange reason, the text seems to be screwed up. *sob*
something i did for GCSE course work so enjoy ^_^
This story is about 3 kids(Elysia, Fletcher, and Emi)  who's parents died in a war. they have to live with there uncle Rockwell and the 2 cousins. Please enjoy!
This is my original idea for my manga angel crisis read it and maybe it'll be a hit one day!~Amaya-Chan
This is my first story...err...poem on this site so please go easy on me. OH! And funngurl is my name on another site... R&R
Ryan and Ryiza should spend their time doing homework and going out with friends, but instead steal their mother's work and follow the trail of clues left by trace evidence! Can you solve the crimes first?
I made this as i was going in food tech today i finised it off just now umm yer first bits in my blog but yer kinda more a poem than nething..
just some storys about tempo.....they'r funny
A series of vignettes by me. An English 3 assingment inspired by The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros
A poem by moi
this is teh reason why i aint been on in a while.
Just some poems i reeeeally bored...
A young teenage girl is kidnapped because of her heratige and forced to become a Steil, an elemental being bound for war. Will she get away or adapt to the unatural life the Steils?