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This is a Hokuto in wonderland story! Some of my friends' characters play other roles. I do NOT own Alice in Wonderland. This is just my own made up fanfic. Enjoy please! ^-^;;
this is like a song type story. the song is by Chester Bennington. the song rox soo much n i just had to make a story based on it (please read)
A medley of poems written by me, on many different topics. Please read!
Andrew Champion is given a "free-will" project, a weeklong assignment that tests one's ability to make strong choices. Saddled with loudmouthed friends, an unattainable crush, and the geekiest girl in school as a partner, he'll walk a rocky road.
a poem i made when i was upset..
I made up my own anime about 3 sisters and here it is. hope you like it
All my little poems in the bottom of this page. Like a basement.
-NOTE- You must read at least the introduction of Floral Skies to understand this! What happens when Max is bored with a few elemental powers? And what happens when a schoolgirl comes by? Will the hamsters succeed? We'll find out..
my first story to my overstretched series. The series is about how they forfill their destiny{or however you spell that} I reread and fixed any grammer mistakes. This is the first one it's about Roy and Poe. i really don't know how to decribe it, so
About an 18 year old that has to save his brother in order to fulfill a promise made to his mother, and to himself. With his wings that shouldn't be much of a problem....
Four travelers meet in a tavern in the small village of Keota. All is well until something terrible happens...
Halarious scripts written by the Blizz comics crew.We've used these to perform drama plays in local schools.
A lot like "The Adventures of Blizz Comics"
A story about how I joined the Demon Of the Dark Fall Clan and my battles!!

It's an injoke so dont try to understand it!!!! XDDD
Ok...Basically it's about a dog who makes a bet with Santa to become human but in order to stay human he must show his owner; Yume the true meaning of X-mas and he only has 14 days.
i wrote this one a while ago but this boy finds this sword and so does and evil guy they have to fight though, well its not complete but its a few chapters, tell me if i should finish it
Tenshi, a young boy suddenly finds himself lost in the Shadow Relm, where the evil King Akuma reigns. In order to save his life, Tenshi's father must take away all of his son's memories and hide him in a village in hopes that Akuma will not find him.
This tells the story of the goddess of the moon:kakia and when she found out that she was the goddess of the moon but the goddess within her won't awaken till she is 14 now she is 12 and it shows where this all began(secretly I am moongoddess lol!^^b
Life's hard when you lost everyone who's ever loved you. He's bin wandering in the shadows for quite some time now, will he be able to find himself.
You have to read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Day in, day out, you go on with your lives. The same process everyday, get up go to work, come home, eat, and then go to bed, everything always the same. But, do you ever wonder, as you pass the row of small houses, that the walls scream their silent
This is my first chapter of my story series of Death Spheres, which is made up by me!
This is about a girl demon who is learning things from a young man. She is part cat and part wolf. It's pretty funny cause she doesn't know any more than a wild animal. Their relationship progresses through the story. This is my first fic.
it says exactly what you dont want to think