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Love sucks... LATERALLY!
This is a story of a Korean Mother who wants to become a child again, since she thinks she's becoming boring a dull. But this is only until she gets as much as excitement she can take. She becomes a character in a fairy tale from a story in a book.
ok this was also written for a contest at my school and i would like if you tell me how it turned out....Its about a war and a little girl
This little song I wrote up is not all it seems and has a strange ending. -_- All this really means is....I have a rather disturbing imagination.
it just a poem gone song that i wrote. its nothing special just by reading it but the song itself it alright.
It's a poem about a dear friend and my Ex-bf
super hero story I am writeing
just a story I've been writeing in my spare time plz tell me what u think ^_^
Just a baka poem............
The beginning of a huge story of a swllow girl who found one of the rare natural chaos crystal.
Is objective it's to collect them all to restore natural peace on earth!
my outcome of the 7 deadly sins test
Cheesy title...this is a fan fic about two of my made up characters....HACKER AND SPIDER!!! Anyway..Hacker feels rejected, so he starts to stay in his room more and more. Spider begins to worry about his best friend. Shonen ai.
A strange story of Henri, Cornelius, Regina, and Jamaica: Some out-of-place people in a psyched out world.

((FYI, Henri is a French name pronounced Aun-ray, he's not Henry))
this is a realy weird story!!!!
this story has 6 girls:SK(me),Skittles,Irma,Bubbles,butterfly,
and BG.A lot of really weird things happen to the girls! It's hularious!
When young Kyori falls ill to a mysterious cause, and is in a strange coma for 3 years, she meets the demon boy, Fyorsin, in her dreams. What happens when these two opposites are bound together for eternity? {Note: Currently under construction}
Ha! She never gave up on you, Sujiko!
Tallin, and elf that has to bear the sin that his father made. He stolde the sword of the elements. The four gods of the elements are not statisfied, and wish him dead. Tallin must travel to the four gods, and resolve this misconseption. Or is he too
Oneshot song fic. Everything is my creation except for the song which is by Dido. Read it. Review it. Love it. Shonen-ai.
a poem i did awhile ago...few days actually only because i felt sad i hate it when my heart falls in love >.>; hope you all like. tell me what you think ^^ and sorry if i couldnt find it in the right category >.>;
This is the first one that I wrote hope you like it. plz comment
A small story that I wrote for a friend of mine.pretty good actually.
this is a story dedicated to my brothers dog. and this really happened!!! so please read and enjoy
A short Christmas story i had to write for english.
A story all about the journey to set free a one winged angel. Many characters and many perils lie ahead. Read to find out. D: Summary's suck.