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A story about 2 friends who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Orenji and Akai have to brave the perils that face them from the Triads. An action packed comedy.
just a fun lil peom i couldn't get out of my head x.x
If it gets good review's i'll delete it and write the story okeytai?

Time: 4041, 4000th millennium.

Most of the earth has become unlivable, do to pollution and extinction. Certain small areas remain. To keep the atmosphere from dissipating ther
well half of it

can u plez help me out
my parents r plannin me to go away...
This was one of my favorite part of Shrek 2! I'll be adding like 2 or more.
()_() My froggy!
( )
^ ^
This is a poem I wrote about the boy who died at my school. I hope u like it.
another from my book I found, this is the only 1 I remember writing (I was in Science). try to think anime style when reading it(thats if your like me and imagine the things your reading). not sure whether it'd be classed as a poem or story 0_0 only
A story of a can guess the rest by the title. Old story too
Just a pome...
umm i wrote this a while ago, its connected to one of my pictures "bleeding rose" enjoy
a wish nto come true
a wonder of our dreams
Here's a describtion of a carecter of mine. He needs a name, so I'm putting it up to see what names you people can come up with. Please read it, it's not long, and try to think of a name! I also need smeone to draw him, email me if you are interested
a poetic cry for help
Jinruy in the story is reffered to as "boy" And Jinruys father for 5 years if reffered to as "the man" Just so you don't get confused.
Many people have created female namekians. Madra, or Shen shamaiye, is just another one of them. And this is the origin.
A story I wrote for my English class ^^;