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English first, then Japanese. Original UTAU Skit. Kasane Teto goes over to Defoko's house for cakes and tea. 
ok well basically these are all words i have used in my fanfiction stories if any of you folks are confused about what a japanese word is just look up the term in here and if it isnt in here ask me to post it and i will do so! ^_^ hope this helps!
Tittle says it all
For all those who are curious on the Japanese names of Yuugiou GX. Here they all. This took me less then fifteen minutes to type down, yes fifteen minutes! Those minutes I could be using for other things! So, enjoy. =D
All right, in japan, scary stories are pretty popular. Sooooo, I will be posting some of the stories (mostly from Japan) that I know of! Some may be true stories (could be a killing/ murder). so enjoy!
This is the story of the adventure that life has taken me on since I was very young.