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Auggie likes Hiei. He's more worried about an ingrown toenail.

Submitted for the Random Valentine on DeviantArt for user TBRae and her OC.
Pegasus tries a new approach to getting Cecilia back. AU in which YuGiOh didn't end the way it did.
She had never met a person who was so close to perfect. His only flaw was that he didn’t love her. She intended to change that.

Based on the children's story 'If you give a mouse a cookie.' Replace 'mouse' with 'hiei' and 'cookie' with 'sweet snow'. Heheheh.

"If you give a hiei sweet snow, he will ask you for a spoon..."
Hiei finds a bottle and without knowing what lies within it,he opens it only to have a genie/wishing demon come out.Now he is stuck with a demon girl named Atari until he decides on what he wants to wish for.But he can only make 1 wish.What'll it be?
Kurama's sister Hinata is smarter then she seems when she confronts him about knowing something is going on with him and his 'friends'. She also says that she knows that he's a demon or part of 1 at least. Did she bite off more then she can chew?
Yusuke saves a girl from an attacking demon. Now the gang wants to know how she could even see the demon in the first place. What do they find out as they come to know the mysterious girl? What secrets does she have and how can they help the gang?
The gang has been given a new mission. To find a mermaid demon that is living in human world and protect her. A mermaid holds a pearl which can be sold in the black market for millions. What kind of adeventures will the gang go on to protect this mermaid?
The YYH gang is sent on a mission to rescue a girl who is actually a persocom the only successful hand made person. Hiei found and saved her from being abused and now she's afraid of everyone but Hiei. Will the rest of the YYH gang gain her trust?
Ree Lynne is a loner and a punk. She knows Yusuke. What happens when Koenma get his eyes on her and wants her to join the Urameshi team? Will she do it? And if she does...What is her price?
Kana is a Koorime from the world of ice. Kana was born with a gift that told her which of the children that were cast from the world of ice lived and died. 'A blessing but a curse' the elder called her. She was going to be put to death until she left.
Yu Yu Hakusho X InuYasha. Alex is a girl with only 1 special power. That power is to pass through the well at the Higurashi Shine. But what happens when Alex runs into Kagome on the other side of the well? And how did Yusuke and Kuwabara get here?
Koenma has given Hiei a mission to take care of a 4 year old half demon named Kana. Hiei is furious about the idea but has no choice but to accept the new mission. Will Hiei be able to accept the fact that Kana will always be there?
YYH/Naruto crossover You're the new kid in Konoha; You're a demon; You don't want to get to close to anyone because of your past; You're wanted by Koenma in spirit world. What else are you hiding?And what about Hiei?What does he have to do with you?
OK...This may take me a while to publish since I have twelve chapters. All you have to do is find your Zodiac and the Character is already assigned to you. Enjoy!!
My first ever romance story! ^___^

It's rated to be safe, I'm not sure if it really qualifies for the rating or not. ^^;
I started to just write it, because I was thinking about yu yu hakusho and how much i liked it!
A large gang of friends are at Valence's house, but a casual sleepover turns out bad.
Time is gone anew as an ancient force uses Pandora's Box to wreak havoc, a crossover fic with alot of others, more to come. LUVYAZ!!
yu yu hakusho as the ghostbusters. enjoy. for any hiei fan who reads this he'll show up later.
This is a Yu Yu Hakusho story about a girl would is Jin's sister but... they dont no it and soon fall in love yet there is more that love this girl Yoko comes out somtimes and greets her and Hiei is not as mean to her as he is the group but He just t
This quiz has well, 'you' in it.Only, I control what you say and do!Oh and when you see stars it means you are thinking.
These are some poems for the Yu Yu Hakusho guys that my friends and I made. I forgot what sites inspired us for these.
A fic about Toyoko(trideegurl2) and Kuwabara getting togetehr (finally)
its short! sorry about all the selling mistakes!
A Poem.