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another poem about that stupid boy in 7th grade lol. this one seriously sucks lol. ^^;;
ok i wrote this in 7th grade when i was INFATUATED with some boy names Alex kerr. lol. so sad --;; oh and the line at the end is for someones name. (just in case anyone actually likes it and prints it out then they can add the person that they like g
um yea a bad poem i wrote in like...10 minutes for a contest but im NOT enetering it lol it sucks lol ^^;;
um ykea a short story i did in 7th grade for Halloween. i don't think its scary but w/e. enjoy ^^
My friends and I are going to America on a ship called the RMS Titanic. I am engaged but end up[ meeting someone on board who just captures my heart. TO FIND OUT MORE AND READ!