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Its a poem about somthing that happened to me sux.
Dedicated To LieDetector16! She is so sweet! I hope you like it! LieDetector16 and i love to cry!
A Song i wrote... so if the words ar kinda wierd its beacause thats how you sing them with the beat! ^_^ Hope you like it! Especially LieDetector16
I've just been feeling a little messed up lately beacause of what someone said... And this is what came out of it... Read it, and tell me what you think.
This is a poem about the battle of mind and heart. It's kind of hard to understand. But i hope you like it!
Hey Everybody! If you like Tear and Haelo I suggest you read the story of how they came to be. I really hope you like it, but please read it. This is a Romance/Comedy/Drama story. YAYNESS I CANT BELIEVE I'M WRITING A STORY!!
The Longest poem so far....
I Hope you like it and please read it, I really want to share this feeling
Poem of what i feel and of what ive dreamt...
Oh just a poem..*wink*
This is really deep. It's all true the disriptions are real. None of this is figurative i swear.
Some deep thought given to time...It's sort of twisted and hard to understand so sorry if you got confused...
Scary and weird
It's how i feel pinned between these two people....