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A Luna drabble. Takes place during OotP in the Department of Mysteries, Luna does a little character thinking for both herself and Ginny, and remembers just how weak and strong their friendship is and can be...
A one-shot that takes place sometime during OotP. Sirius thinks of the first time that he met Tonks and just how much she reminds him of his favorite cousin...
Sanzo has finally reached his breaking point with the burden of everything on his shoulders becoming too much to take. Turning to the only person who has always been there for him...Wanting to forget everything, even if it is only for one night... Go
What happens when Shuichi steps into the world of sewing? Nothing but danger for himself and the loss of sanity for Yuki. Though this little adventure won't be a complete waste, Yuki learns something new about his and Shuichi's relationship. ShuYuki
Does this happen to be another Marauder fanfic? Yes. Another, how the Marauders first met fanfic? Yes. Does it follow the same routine? No. What happens when a young Remus meets Andromeda Black?