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Sonic gets an injection of a deadly liquid, which evolved into a virus that practically turned you evil. Then, Alyssa is forced to kill him, but is wounded and catches the virus as well. It''s a deadly cycle, How will it end, if ever?
It's about how Sonic is faced with the desicion to send MElissa back to the reality world, or to let her stay.SOnic just wants to do what is best for her...but he's broken from the heart-wrenching desicion..
just a random poem about how time flies by so fast..and was bored and sad at the same time...
this was inspired by my mother...who's in a nursing home...she's been through a lot in her life...and this is dedicated to her. I love you Momma!!!
THis was inspired by my imaginary friend XP go figure. lol
this was inspired by my history class when we were studying WW2 and the atomic bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan.
This is a poem about WereSonic...^_^