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A romance story about Ayumi from the Inuyasha series.Kagome is sick again and Ayumi is selected to deliver her homework.The young girl finds herself in the well house, due to certain events, and falls down the well. What will happen to Ayumi next?R&R
Rin only wants a family, when Kouga saves her and helps her to find her lord Sesshoumaru what will she do in order to keep him around? Play match maker, of course!! ^_^ Sess/Kou
Based in the year 3030. Demons and Humans live in harmony together, at least that's how it seems. There is one girl who alone is cursed, the moon's curse, she alone suffers so that humans may be saved from an eternity in the depths of hell. Demons are nob
Have you ever made a wish? Or rather have you ever wished to disappear or for another person to disappear? This is a tale of one girl whose only wish was to be free from the house she called home. Soon she will learn, however, that you should be careful w