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Final part in my Space Bridge trilogy.

Transformers (c) Hasbro
Gundog (c) Direwolf505
Blue Falcon (c) countramsely
Roadtrain (c) Flankfire
Everything else (c) me
This is following my own little universe, so it doesn''t tie in with any existing continuities.

Transformers (c) Hasbro
Gundog (c) Direwolf505 (FA)
Blue Falcon (c) countramsely (FA)
Roadtrain (c) Flankfire (FA)
Everything else (c) me (Amy)
My first ever Transformers fanfic and since the first part seemed to go down well, I decided to continue it into a full story.

Roadtrain (c) Flankfire (of FA)
Transformers (c) Hasbro
Everything else (c) me (Amy)
I've decided to finally make a little section for my short stories, so here it is; a collection of shorts that are lurking in the far reaches of my mind. Descriptions etc, will go at the top of each submission. Enjoy.
Someone is out to inhume every member of staff in Neon Junction, but, naturally, nothing really goes according to plan.

Everything (c) me (Amy)
A story written from Shade's point of view.
His on/off girlfriend Ann is kidnapped during the chaos after a race and is held at ransom.

Everything (c) me (Amy)
Mystikal's a homeless crossbreed who finds life hard because of his appearance. He steals to survive but is soon haunted by a shadowy figure.

Everything (c) me (Amy)
Shadow Stalkers (c) me (Amy)
Angelus Wolfen (c) angelshadow of FA
First fan fic ever! =O

Nintendo stuff (c) Nintendo
Shelly, Lee, Kev, Bau, Karmella (c) me
After Shadow decided she'd had enough on her own planet, after the incident at the Prytchard Facility, she moved planets and got a job in an underground city.

Everything (c) me (Amy)
Uh ohs. It's a lmae attempt at a Christmas From Hell edition! XD

Everything (c) me (Amy)
First part of the two parter. 8D
(Not proof read)

Everything (c) me (Amy)
This is the second time I've attempted writing this story. But I finally managed it with some of my already existing characters!! (Apart from Mouse and Roofio and some other characters who're completely new. >.> )

Everything (c) me (Amy)
Pretty much a story about how Shadow got her armour and met Spink and Virus. 8D
I apologise for my inability to write longer chapters. o.O

I really should write a story that isn't in first person. XD

Everything (c) me (Amy)
Came up with this at 5am this morning, hence why it's a tad on the crap side. *twitch*
I like to write in first person, can you tell? XD
P.S: Sorry about any errors.  ^^;

All characters, locations etc (c) me (Amy)