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A collection of little ficlets dedicated to the lesser known pairings of Xiaolin Showdown. I will take couple requests!
Jack is feeling sick. Chase is feeling playful. A newfangled remedy is discovered. (Chase/Jack)
And Jack's pretty darn sick of it, too. (Jack/Chase)
It was the final showdown. But why should he mourn? After all, the Chase Young he had known was already dead. (Guan/Chase)
Dashi, Chase, Guan, Wuya. Four very different people who were once held together by a powerful bond of friendship and love. This is the chronicle of their lives: the events that brought them together, and the events that tore them apart.
When Soren met Ike, it was the first time he ever felt like he belonged. Like he was home. Path of Radiance story.
Old scars hold lots of old memories. Path of Radiance, TibarnxReyson
After a busy morning of training, everyone needs the afternoon to just relax. (extremely fluffy, RathxWil)
(FE7) Nino has a nightmare, and it turns out that the best words of comfort may not be any words at all. JaffarNino
Kurama's thoughts on the death of a close friend. (non-yaoi)