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Hey. The name's TOPMAN, BUT YOU CAN CALL ME TOPPY Breakfast. Or Dom, if you wanna.

So uh, as of a couple days ago, on July 12th, I found this website and browsed through it in stark amazement.
I didn't even know it existed, but in just a couple of hours I fell madly in love with its concept. This is my ideal dA right here, this is what it should have been. Guess I just miss the old days.

As far as I can tell, there haven't been any major changes or even any site announcements since 2017.
To be honest, it's probably not gonna be around for much longer, so I'm gonna enjoy it while it lasts. Kinda nervous, but also excited!


What to expect, what to expect...
Well, I like MegaMan. And by like, I mean I'm hopelessly obsessed with MegaMan Classic and it'll likely make up the bulk of my gallery space.

Video games in general I like, such as the Zelda, Mario, Mother, Kirby, Shovel Knight, Pokemon, Banjo-Kazooie, Ape Escape series and etc., all to different extents. Gitaroo Man as well. I wish I had a PS2.
Not finished with Cave Story quite yet, but what I've played of it is really freaking good. I'll get around to that some day.

My scope of visual novels is limited, but I'm really into Ace Attorney. I haven't gotten around to Investigations (1 or 2), PLvAA, DGS, or SoJ yet, but it'll happen eventually.
Uh...I thought Doki Doki Literature Club was pretty cool. Katawa Shoujo also looks like it's worth getting into.

I've slowly trailed away from anime as I've gotten older. Haven't watched one in years...however, recently I've started watching Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun. And I might be in love. Depends on how the rest of these episodes go, I'm only up to 3, but it's wonderful so far.

Music-wise, my tastes, haha. I don't listen to a wide variety of stuff, even though I know I should. I also don't really cling to specific bands or artists except in very specific instances (see The Megas, SOAD, *early* Green Day, Foo Fighters, Red Vox, Creature Feature, The Birthday Massacre, Studio Killers, Marina & The Diamonds, Adele, & The Jacksons for further details).
I also listen to Vocaloid. I really like Neru, Nashimoto-P, Kiddo-P, Nayutan Seijin, JimmyThumb-P, john/TOOBOE, Syudou, Picon, Pinocchio-P, Agoaniki-P, and mikito-P, among others.
Into some utaite as well, like Gero, Ado, SymaG, Glutamine, Raon Lee, Eve, etc.
Overall, I moreso like songs individually as opposed to whole groups. Just giving these for ref in the event I decide to write a song-fic worth posting one day.

TV. Oh god TV, I don't even watch TV anymore. Does Homestar Runner count as a show? It's...a webshow, it totally counts, right?
Man whatever, all I ever watch are kids' shows in the first place...yes, I just said that.
If that's enough creep-factor to will you away, then hell, GO FOR IT, THE DOOR'S OPEN, ESCAPE WHILE YOU STILL CAN-


Just about anything that comes to mind, to be fair. Regular draws, dumps, comics (themed or not), art fills/memes/prompts/questionnaires/whatever, a gif once in a blue moon, placeholder doodles to excuse linking a video, occasional fic, and etc. It's anything goes here, this is nothing professional.
Not until I make a ko-fi and stick it in my "blog" column, right? eue

I also don't have a schedule for this, so posts might be frequent or few and far between. Depends on how I'm feeling that day.

Oh, also. I ship. That's right. Shipper on deck. And what's more, I draw m/m and f/f! Dear God, the horror!
But seriously folks, straight or not, shipping is gonna be a very small minority of what I post here, so don't worry about it. Don't be surprised when it happens, but also don't worry about it.


I'm...pretty sure I covered everything I wanted to. That was a lot, and I don't expect anyone to read it all, but it's just there. Y'know. To be there. In case you were curious.
And also so I don't have to go on the forums and say anything because that all is so scary to me kjhsdjkshfjdk;

So anyway, I hope I meet the standards of expectation for posting here! Thanks for having me on and I'll be sure not to step on anyone's toes (not like I could anyway, I'm such a scaredy-cat when it comes to commenting haha).
I love you, and have a good day.



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