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kohaku_theblackwolf's Profile
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OK! Bout time for an update, eh?? I've been a-changin, ya know? CHYA!

Kkz...lets start now...oO;;

FIRST OF ALL! My favoritest story EVER!!


Nail Bunny was a happy little bunny, born in a little cage in a pet store one night. He was very warm and nuzzly with his big, soft mommy rabbit. The giant people in the store were nice to him, too. One day, a funny looking giant who looked like he didn't eat enough came in and made a smiley face at the bunny. Soon, the little bunny was snatched away from his sleeping mother, and whisked off into the amazing giant world. At first it was scary, but soon bunny overcame the fear, and thought of what a wonderful world it was. Just then, the giant pinned him to a wall, and slammed a nail through his guts. The end.

HIIIYAAA!!! Wazzup?! Nothing here, I'm bored and need to update.... hrmm... lessee.... I'm 16 (November 25, 1989)and I'm like 5'7", and I'm not saying my weight! Cuz I'm mean like dat. I AM NOW AN OFFICIAL LICENSED DRIVER! wh00t!! ^^ Got my license on Nov. 28, not that anybody cares except me... BUT oh well. ^^ nyah nyah! I LOVE anime and manga (Manga more than anime; I don't like it when they change the storylines and ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY CHANGE THE CHARACTERS NAMES!!!) and drawing (Duh) and yea... Umm... I do requests (since I don't get them often and I'm running out of ideas for piccies) I will get them done ASAP, but it could take awhile... Umm... Kohaku and Sirus are my muses (Sirus is SO HOTT! ... Don't tell Kohaku I said that) I luvvers my little muses! *Huggles Kohaku and Sirus* I have my own um, should I call it manga? Well, anyways, my 'manga' is called "Battle Scarred" and me and my bestest buddy (Inasho_The_Three_Tailed_Fox) made up the storyline together, so thats why Inasho's character Inasho (who woulda thunk?! lol) is in Battle Scarred. The few pages that I have up of Battle Scarred are VERY old... like 2003 old... I've restarted them, but lol only got to page 2...>< I NEED TO GET THEM DONE!! When I get to page 30 I'll re-add them. (I also changed the beginning and made it more interesting).

OK, below is a list of my favorites--READ IF YOU DARE!

Bands: Korn, Slipknot, Nickelback, Otep, Eminem, Kelly Clarkson (What?! She's GOOD), Jack Off Jill (DESPERATELY need one of their CD's I've heard samples of thier songs, they was good!) Umm... Garbage is ok, Dark New Day, (They ROCK in concert!), Seether (He's AWESOME in concert!), Crossfade (They suck in concert >< They should die... ITS NOT RIGHT FOR SOMEONE TO HAVE SO MANY FANGIRLS IN THE BOOK HE IS IN!!!!! [If you have no idea what the frack I'm talking about read the books, they're done by Tomoko Hayakawa) Ok, I'll shut up now. ^^

Role Models:
Hieisstrawberry (Kaida): She's fracking awesome, I wish I could get folds as good as she does and I wish I could create such funny comics (detailed too!) and the awesome outfits she comes up with.

Pienemein (Kiki): She is TOTALLY awesome!! I love the way she does her line work, her comic/manga (Wish Battle Scarred looked like her RAY) her style, the way she colours... she's just fracking awesome!!

Mineko Ohkami: The artist of Dragon Knights. Her style is so unique, so detailed. I love the way she does her character's hair (So cool!) And the way she has done Dragon Knights so far is just kick @$$!!

There are others, but they're all like... manga artists. ^^

Ok, enough rambling. CHECK OUT MAH BUDDIES!!

Limey_Kurama / Darkness_lit_heart
Kurama_Cat / BabyPsychoKitty890

(I'm terribly sorry if I've forgotten anyone! I know... I'm so unluved...)


Check me out at DeviantART:

All of my pixel artwork is there!

Oh! And if you have the chance, IM me!!

Yahoo: gotenrules_blub
AOL: KohakuBlackWolf
MSN: Um... just give me your screenname and I'll add you.. lol I forgot my screenname...>


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hieisstrawberry on December 22, 2005, 4:29:57 AM

hieisstrawberry on
hieisstrawberryYour profile stole my 1000th comment virginity.

hieisstrawberry on December 22, 2005, 4:15:06 AM

hieisstrawberry on
hieisstrawberryAw, how sweet! :just read your profile: I feel so special! :dies:

Splixx on December 13, 2005, 10:19:25 PM

Splixx on
Splixxhi, I am splixx.
was just going through your picks and wow you rock.
I love your picky of Amy lee shaded and non shaded, so cool.

AJay-the-Pyro on November 23, 2005, 6:56:47 AM

AJay-the-Pyro on
AJay-the-Pyroi am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry i havent gottne your pic up sooner!! i finally did a rough sketch so i hope you like it!!

CaptainCMorgan on November 22, 2005, 7:31:52 AM

CaptainCMorgan on
CaptainCMorganalright, i got bored, so i drew you another!!! I shagged up on the clothing and the scars/markings but i hopes you like it none the less!!

CaptainCMorgan on November 18, 2005, 8:25:44 AM

CaptainCMorgan on
CaptainCMorganoh... err... sorry! i forgot to add the marky things! ill add it when i get them inked! ...should i cover up his right eye with his hair then?

CaptainCMorgan on November 17, 2005, 6:47:59 PM

CaptainCMorgan on
CaptainCMorgan^-^ well im glad you liked the picture! i wasnt sure if it was drawn right...

CaptainCMorgan on November 17, 2005, 8:41:17 AM

CaptainCMorgan on

young_and_hoplessly_lost on November 11, 2005, 10:06:34 AM

young_and_hoplessly_lost on
young_and_hoplessly_lost*cries about poor nail bunny*thas not funny....bad nny!!! T_T oh well your still funny...somtimes...nono kill defensless anamels
[yes i ment to spell it like dat}

CaptainCMorgan on November 7, 2005, 9:09:42 AM

CaptainCMorgan on
CaptainCMorganhmm alright i hope you dont mind, but i took your friend quiz thingermajigger and i got 100... so... just s you know, im not a stalker or nothin... it was all guesses...


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