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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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a made up story, using the versailles.
In Europe the witch trails begin.
Hizaki is accused of being of witch, and is to be exiled.
Alt Title: The Lord and the Vampire

A Fairy Tale of a Vampire,a Lord and how they met. Might do more like these some day. Contains Sarcasm,fluff,old fashion-y writing style and comical amounts of abuse.
A collection of my Ocs stats
I based most of my characters on real mental diseases. Woot.
Some quizzes! WOO-HOO!!!!

you can find out what Condemned character you are, and stuff like that!
This is something that i did a picture about first, then made a story to go along with it. I worked really REALLY hard on this. Also, it is involved with fleetway Super Sonic, for you fangirls ^^
. . .