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This is a little Poem I wrote for school!!
Another song that has a stupid title... GREAT!! *cough cough* ANYWAYS!! ENJOY URSELVES!!
This is a song that I wrote! Yay me! *cough cough*
A song about a girl who has just broken up with someone she loved and wishes that she can take it all back or just forget about it.
I don't usually write fanfics but I do write songs and this is one of them. I wrote this while I was feeling depressed so that's why it sounds so sad.
Have you ever felt alone, abandoned? Well this song is about a girl who feels the same way. Like shes invisable.
a song i wrote...hope you like...
A song that me and 2 of my closest friends made up to gether. When sung it sounds egyptian.
A song that was sung to Hiaro when he was a baby by a black vixen seer. It's really an awesome song.
This is one of my bands songs. Its also in my fan ficcy. Heh I wrote this kinda a while ago. *shrugs* I hope you like it ^_^;;
This is to my friends, love can mean so much
A love song I wrote. ^_^
This is a song I wrote about broken promises and lies.
This is a song I wrote the other day for me band. I'm too lazy to put the others on here right now lol.
It's a song/poem that Kaun asked me to write for him,so I did.
lyrics 2 mah ALL-TIME fav song.
(contains 1 cuss-word)
well this is the poem for my new charecter well Madd (and by madd I mean insane he will be on soooooooon but for now heres his intake on life oh and if you sing it to a fast beat its pretty cool but dats my opinion
I needed some lyrics for some music I wrote, and this is what I came up with.
I made the words! It sort of goes along with the game in some sort of creepy way and I can't believe there is no other ToP stuff on this site. I made the words ORIGINALLY from my own crazy head...NO takey takey from me!
Why I Love Pink
It makes me cry.But I love it!
A song about being sugar high.
This isn't a story.It's a song I wrote about myself.^_^