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* This is a story inspired by and dedicated to The Eagles song of the same name. *

This is the story of a night I spent at a strange Spanish-stlye hotel. I night I will never forget....
This is a song for our manga, Sugarwood Apples. It's called "Breeze in the Wind"
some songs I wrote
Just another song.Not long.It's about how much I wanna run away from home and all my "problems".
This is weird. it's about two sisters who are playing and then one of the sisters gets hit by a car and the other sister is blamed for it but she dosent understand because she still has her sister but the little girl is imagining her sister still ali
This really sucks but hey. It's about a chick who was left by her boyfriend
a song about a very vain person and her fate
A really odd song about a person who is unknown an dasks no help and ends up well you read it for yourself
A song about a love life written into a story
Yet ANOTHER song writen by me. I forgot what this one was about though ^_^
This is a song i wrote from a tiny piece we did in chorus. the chorus of this song is what i actually used for that piece
This another song I wrote but I don't feel anything about it.
This is greatest song from th greatest band alive today, i think anyways Papa Roach.
It's a song that I made with the yu yu hakusho beginning song tune!!!!!!
just something i wrote when i was(am) depressed
My love song
a song i wrote when a friend was in trouble, but figured out later that much of it was for my b/f
A song I wrote in a state of depression. There have been many outlooks on this one. My favorite is that the song is about a murderer, called lonliness. But the true meaning is much deeper. I will leave it open to interpretation...
a song my friend hannah kreczak wrote for a tsunami crisis concert we had at our school. all comments go to her not me!!! enjoy!
i write songs
ill probably add more as i write 'em!
i know it sounds like that old song but it ISN'T!!!!! 2 of my friends wrote this so any commenta will go to them!!!!! they wrote it for music and we added drums, guitars, and bass guitar (which i played) on top of the piano part they wrote. enjoy!!!!
A songfic to the musical WICKED "Loathing"

Seto Kaiba and Joey Wheeler are new college-roommates. Watch the change from 'loathing' to something more through song!

*PS* Much thanks to PootPoot, who had taken the time to dig up the outline wh
Another one...meh
This is a christmas spinoff of Maddie (Loner_inthe_Shadows)and I's Twelve days of chrstmas, but I assure you...this one is MUCH more annoying, especialy sung in soprano.