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This is how Taran views life and she expresses it through music.  She says that if you don't like it, then don't complain to her, you're the one that's reading it. Any questions?
this is the poem by me entitled Stop Breathing tuned into a song.
song about a sour relationship. This shouldn't be new by now.
A song I wrote for the RP I am doing. Of course,it's Kingdom Hearts.My RP buddy is Sora,and I am my made-up.She died in the RP,due to an accident caused by a jealous man.This song I just kinda...typed up,for that part.Will show to meh RP buddeh next time
Something I felt like writing. Could be either a SoraxRiku,a SoraxRoxas,but to me,it felt like something I just wrote for my RP.xD what do you guys think? just more songs, that i hope to finish someday ^^
It's just a little song-parody from a summer-hit in the 80s. And a homage to the 6th of June 2006 (also Murdoc's 40th b-day.) ;)
Please don't sue me and have fun on the sunny day! :)
A final goodbye to a lost lover
Just a bunch of songs that`ll probably never be sung... They would have collected dust in my journal,but I decided to post a few ^^
sort of a short poem/song I made up when I saw a video of a people jumping out of the towers when the Airplane hit on 911

In memory of everyone one who died when they were either burried in ruble, disinigrated in the plane, or jumped from the b
I wrote this the other night.

No reeeal reason, but I may be putting musickz to it =D

Cookies if anyone sees the little message behind it, it's kinda hard if you're not me, the drummer or the other guitarist lolz
ookiiess...a song i wrote O.o
This is about a time when I was ripped between more than one guys that I loved equally.......(*Don`t take it the wrong way,I wasn`t cheating on either of them*)
Another little song I just...typed.Its a song,for my Savior,Jesus Christ.Me being only 12,i dont think this ish very good. -___-
this is an amazing song,if you don`t know the words, this will help you greatly (*a word..?*), and because Nickleback is so cool......ah,just read it ^_^
Meh.The lyrics to a song I just made up.I was in another state of semi-depression(I get those a lot now.O.o),and this is a song I just...kinda typed.Yesh,its lame.
this is a song me and my band made up during class.....its kinda wierd though
This is a song describing what it feels like to transform into a wolf.
it's on
everything burns - Ben Moody ft. Anastacia
A song I wrote based on a conversation that I had with God after my grandfather died two years ago.
A song I wrote when I was depressed
A song inspired directly by the song it is named after. In other words, it is the exact same thing as the song. If you don't know the song, read the story and listen to the song at the same time.