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People are still weird
Love still sucks
A dream I had
Just a poem
Allergies still suck
Being human sucks
Not about suicide
Stories are funny things to work on
Know where to go
Someone I knew
New world
Love sucks
Allergies suck
In a hospital room
In hell
some songs of mine there o.k in there own little way
I'm not a good artist, but I am a talented writer. Here is one for everybody.
Tnis is a what you get when you have two bored girls, one guitar and One girl getting over a break up XP

And yes this song was made up on the spot! oO;
Just when you thought you knew someone...
Just a song about hopelessness and insanity. Comment if you wish.
I do not own John Mayer or DAUGHTERS, but I do own the most crapy lyrics on Earth, these ones. You are free to use these crapy lyrics, just tell me where so I can see.
Just a song I wrote. When I sing it, it sort of has an Evanescence/FlyLeaf type vibe to it, but anyways I like it!
My goal, post this on all websites I know to let people know about steve Irwin.
This could be for love or for friendship that has been lost it is acuatly a song i wrote

For Maria and T.M.
These are lyrics i wrote...most of them are for guys to sing