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I saw the movie Pay it Forward (it's a MUST see)

The movie inspired this song
Title says it all.
Some are by me, some aren't. They are labeled so.
[the songs that are not written by me: the lyrics are copy-and-pasted; the swearing isn't me ^^]
Well, me n a few of my friends are planning on forming a band in a few years. obviously a band needs songs, so here are some we have written.
"My Only Reason Is That One Word" (lyrics) describes my thoughts for the depressing events in one's life. For you never know when you will leave everyone and anyone. ^_^ Please, tell me what you think.
the first one in a series. c if u can guess the song!
These are songs I decided best fit my life right now.
A song I wrote in the shower. You don't know the tune so I guess you just have to read it like a poem... It's kind of poem-ish.
And as the clock is tickin, ticking, ticking I wonder is it ticking away your time?
read it
come on, just read the song
jeez, read the story
This is another song to the album i have written.
A short one^^
The chorus is originally in german, but I've translated it
Old friends can change when you're gone a while.
Say I can't, and I will.
temptation *rawr*
Because people are stupid today
4Kids Entertainment pisses me off.
Maybe I'm just tired
I get nervous around that one special girl.