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Well. let's just say that there is this girl -cough-me-cough- that likes this guy(M) who my other friend(S) who likes this guy(M) but he doesn't like her, and i like him becasue he's like the only person I can talk to sometimes adn understand him, a
another poem i wrote when the same person at school pissed me off. oh well at lease it gives me something to do during my free time, this ones is like six times longer than the last.
a small poem i wrote when someone really made me pissed.
Random Poetry
A Love Poem about someone loving someone else but them not loving them back.
The first chapter of hopefuly the beging of my story
I merely wrote the first sentence of this story. Write comments to continue the story yourself as you please. All comments will be accepted and added to the story. This is just to get fun. Collaboration is really appreciated.
this is such a random story.....oh well, happy reading!!
I was fooling around on msn one day- this is the result (Including Dearly_beloved's comentary)

Alex is in love. He think the're the "One". Only one problem: his true love is hunk of cheese...And a certain someone is jealous....
a shorty about how god loves you no flames or i will shoot it back at you "grabs flame thrower"
just kidding "mummbles sumthing under breath.
a poem about for the guy i love
My original story about a group of kids and a unusal school. one of my old stories that i found that i'm slowly adding things on to. the violence and launge is very sparce.
this is my first fic and I am very sorry because I wrote it in Spanish. However I'm working hard to translate it into English some day. At least the translation of the title would be "Nights of Bleeding Moon" To those who can read it, I hope you lik
Just some thing I thought of in night school and being bord hope u like it (just a little brack form makeing fun of short story's.) ^-^
A Captain, hid daughter and crew try to prove that reported vanishings that have been happening are a load of rubbish but when things get mysterious who knows what will happen to them. read and find out.
this is a story about a "mysterious" person that no one could find. they saw their shadow but never saw their face. a 10 year old girl name Raja is called into action to save the person and bring them into the life of others.
Yeah. Just a clutter of old and new poems of mine. =^.^=
Or am I?
Four girls wanting to be civil war heros might just get their wish when a new girl joins their boarding school.
Warning: No Bishies with dark pasts. Just good ol' historical fiction.
a poem writen by me andrew dorman plese read *_*
RANDOM POEM!!! that duznt rhyme...
A poem about relationships... how they can go bad.....
another poem... not much 2 say.... just read it!!!!