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This is a quick poem that I wrote
Stupid quotes from family, friends, myself, manga, anime and movies!
Just some random words I slapped together when watching the snow fall outside. ^^U Sorry for the randomness. (one-shot)
This is a story my friend gave me an idea for. It's kinda wierd but oh well.
The writings small i dont know why FAC gone mad on me, oh well
From a phsyco... or however you spell it.... talks about being happy.... Be HAPPY!!!!!:D ^^ @_@
Only the people in Miss. Morrison's Grade 6 class will get what I mean with this (nudges TheBlackRed and Snowboardeater). I wrote it during-you guessed it- Homework Club!!

I can't really add anything else to this story anymore.
uh...I think of songs
There was no like, music category so i put it in Miscellaneous.
An elephant tries to find the monkey king to ask him a very important question, but she can't find the monkeys. It turns out all of the animals are in the wrong worlds!
what i think about friendship
Nothing special, just a diary entry from the best day at school.
A boy named Cade lives on this planet, problems arise...=P
Just a song I wrote. Hope you all like it!
Envy takes me
I haven't posted in awhile but now that I have some free time I'll catch up.
a song with anime pics
Just a random little essay I wrote for Literary Interpretation. Have you ever wondered how to pet a cat? Well, wonder no more - the comprehensive guide to cat-petting is here.
Another lovish poem
A lovish poem...
A poem I wrote about me...depressing..
I dont know if this works on here. it does when i type it up though.
15 proven ways to get people annoyed at you...comes in different situations