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A poem I wrote about me...depressing..
I dont know if this works on here. it does when i type it up though.
15 proven ways to get people annoyed at you...comes in different situations
i dont have anything to say on this can think what you want.....
a poem i did hope you enjoy
Well, this is just a simple one-shot sort of thing. This came to me when I was bored, so I decided to do this...and I've always wanted to try to make up a here it is. Enjoy, and be kind with the comments. =)
Ok peoples this is a REALLY random story that I started when I was at camp. The food was really disguesting so to entertain us we wetn random! A girl even kissed meO_o.
This story has no relavence to anything at all.
A Acara tells of her life in the pound.
A quick poem I wrote.
10 things to do when your faced with those problems ^_^ (mwhahahahahaahahahahahhaah..............................HA!!!
This is a story about a young half-boy, half-wolf demon who rebels against his master for cruelty to his people. The boy runs to the human realm and now needs to try and live the life of an 8th grader while trying to fend off evil monsters.
This is just ten ways to annoy people at the Pet Shop
 This is how to annoy people at Wal-Mart. I don't recommend that u do some of these things. Enjoy!!!!
Uhhh.... What else? It's about a lousy pirate and how he became so.
Read on... ^_-
Just read on... ^_^
bla, bla, blah,,, read on... ^_^
You know how it goes.... So read and have fun... ^_^
Hello, you know the drift.
Here you got another poem.
Nog een Nederlandse.
Another Dutsh one.
Het is er een in het Nederlands.
This one is in Dutch.