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FEAR THE FOOD! If you have a particular food that you want turned into complete nonsense, tell me by leaving a comment here or on my profile!
LOLLERZ!! Done out of madness! *dances off singing it*
It happened to me!
just a story i started writing for an English class, but i liked it.
This is a poem I wrote for the love of my life, Ali. I wrote this because I love her very much.

Welp, nothing else to say, but leave me your comments.
A recent quick 15 minute story I did... It's about two monthes old.
The sun prince and all the facts and loves of him
my version
A TRUE story!
uh.....these are stupid rhymes i came up with in my math class....
its a poem youll just have to read it its hard to explain
another poem pointed to my parents stupidity
I wrote this simple thing after having a deep discussion with my sis about our parents.
This are just some jokes that I heard of..and some of them I made
this is a POS poem i wrote at 2:05 in the morning. just about someones suffering
Um.....this is something I had to do for school.....which was really stupid......I had to write chapter 10 for a book called The True Confentions Of Charlotte Doyle.......If anyboby's read maybe you can tell me what chapters 16-18 were about......I went t
It's a poem i made about a guy who lost his only chance to tell a women that he loved her. well it's more like a song but you get the picture. Enjoy!
This is a One-shot it is about what went through my mind when I started this account. It has OC info and past versions of themselves, my interests, and what I may do next. All are welcome.
Just a poem no big deal...
A story i have been working on for a few months... Ugh comment me okay?
This is my first post if u have any art you want me to do i will do my best
I got some of these of a friend and added a few more. Hope it's funny enough
this is for sacnbomb and tedness2345
This is is a poem that tells how to get the best out of a bad situation...
just a silly poem about the business in my life and i really really REALLY hate it...