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Poem-time!! ^_-
Yet again, another poem... ^_^
Hey you all,
I wrote another poem,
Hope you like it.
Bye!! ^_^
I've wrote this poem, I hope you like it.
these are just some random short poems i have writen over time
the song empty i wrote after my friend pased away on Dec. 28, 2005....R.I.P TJ..miss ya

the song Leave me alone i just wrote cause i was bored in class
Uhh...I got bored so I decided to type a story.
i dunno.... JUST READ IT!!!!!!
Tell me what you think.. i wrote some of these last year
Also check out KissArmy76's poetry i didnt want to copy him but thats why i decided to put my poetry up
This is not a fanfic (for once...)

It's a poem I wrote about suicide for health class last year. Just somethin' to post....kinda sad...but suicide isn't generally a happy thing....o well. Just read and comment!

I just found out from Nintendo Power magazine that there will be a Tales of Symphonia anime series coming out in Japan in 2007! No word on US release though.... I'll buy it and watch it even if its in Japanese though! (Do Japanese dvd's have English subtiles?)

Please comment me if you have any more information! Oh, and if your a Kratos Aurion fan, YOU RULE!!!
I know people are probably wondering why my username is such an abstract thing as kittyshootingstar. Well the story was a bit long to put on my profile (plus at the time I put this up a glitch kept me from updating my profile), so here it is. This is a short, one-shot story, sooooooo... If you are curious, or bored or something, you can read this.
Read this to find out what to do when your grounded( no t.v,no video games, Etc.)
Kinda like Eragon only its really really not. This is my story of Hadrian, an outcast in a world that utterly SUCKS! Two Gods duked it out 700 years ago and now the world is godless and in turmoil. While the Demon Lord of the Earth stomps around in his new home, the people of the land are suffering. The sky is always black and the stars have disappeared. PG Minor MINOR swearing and i'm not sure about sexual stuff yet. maybe later :P Please read and review! Rating may be upped
I've decided to write a story based off of the dreams I've had. It started out as an assignment for school...the teacher lady was like "write a 2 page essay on anything as long as it's school appropriate." Crazy assignment for Biology class, but ok! This is what came of it. And the little `s infront of paragraphs are for just that, indenting paragraphs..because the tab or spacing doesn't work. So enjoy the strangeness :3
I just randomly wrote this in an e-mail to my sister. She said it was really funny....I didn't think it was that great. She really wanted me to add it to Fanart Central...So, I did. Here it is! ~Enjoy~
Pretty much a summary of various dreams of mine.
Chapter Black is the book in which I store all of my work. Whether it be poems, stories or anything. One could think of it as my own personal bible. I hope to gain followers for those who understand my message.
A poem
A step-by-step guide.
Anyone who ever had to do this will find this funny !
Tittle says it all
just read it scott
These are songs I wrote and i wanted you to look at!