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Meh. This was going to be one story, but then my brain shrivled up and died when I tried to think up more. So, these are just going to be one-shots from different shows and just random things that pop up in my brain.
just a poem.i cant really say much about it other than it was very spur of the moment
It's a poem i wrote when i was happy
a poem I wrote about the war in/with/against Iraq whatever its being called now
Things u can do 2 annoy people at the movies. U can try them if u want, but u might get kicked out. ^^
Just various ways to annoy people in various locations!
this is so my friends can addd meh
ok, here are wsome poems i wrote.
a few song lyrics and when i mean a few i mean 2
19 ways to stay sane....~_~
glowbal causes many things, and it is a real problem that must be stopped!
this is a poem i wrote in the wake of my pain
When I'm bored...THIS is what happens. I have decided to create this um..."story" to show you all how psycho a person can be! :D
only SMART people can...
I wrote this poem while thinking about my surroundings, and all the things going on in the world today.
Summer time, im bored... SCHOOLS OUT!!! Im bored
from what happened about 5 months ago and why it happened it all came down to this.
Parameeteus trys to eat his pudding in all sorts a things but he finds ___________ the best...
'It was a tree. Just a tree. No leaves, just branches. i fall...' A story of a girl plagued by dreams that are her destiny.
this is a spinoff of little red riding enjoy and plz comment
A love story I wrote
I decided to do a story about children with elemental powers (5 not 4)- I know, done to death with avatar and XS- but still- those who may have read my fan fics may notice sim but they're my OCs...
I wrote this in English. Got the sheet idea from Princess Ai
this is the first song i wrote and it was for someone special. enjoy