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It's a poem i wrote when i was happy
a poem I wrote about the war in/with/against Iraq whatever its being called now
Things u can do 2 annoy people at the movies. U can try them if u want, but u might get kicked out. ^^
Just various ways to annoy people in various locations!
this is so my friends can addd meh
ok, here are wsome poems i wrote.
a few song lyrics and when i mean a few i mean 2
19 ways to stay sane....~_~
glowbal causes many things, and it is a real problem that must be stopped!
this is a poem i wrote in the wake of my pain
When I'm bored...THIS is what happens. I have decided to create this um..."story" to show you all how psycho a person can be! :D
only SMART people can...
I wrote this poem while thinking about my surroundings, and all the things going on in the world today.
Summer time, im bored... SCHOOLS OUT!!! Im bored
from what happened about 5 months ago and why it happened it all came down to this.
Parameeteus trys to eat his pudding in all sorts a things but he finds ___________ the best...
'It was a tree. Just a tree. No leaves, just branches. i fall...' A story of a girl plagued by dreams that are her destiny.
this is a spinoff of little red riding enjoy and plz comment
A love story I wrote
I decided to do a story about children with elemental powers (5 not 4)- I know, done to death with avatar and XS- but still- those who may have read my fan fics may notice sim but they're my OCs...
I wrote this in English. Got the sheet idea from Princess Ai
this is the first song i wrote and it was for someone special. enjoy
This story cant really be explained... cuz its messed up
it contains random characters from movies os ya
this is my messed up story.(it has inapropriate parts)
A story I did for english, the story in my mind isn't very appealing until the end. I personally felt the bond between the two at the end.