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Just a little thing i thought up. Better read it now befor i lose my nerve of having it stay (if you like hopeless lovey thingys then read)
The darkness of the shadows hides many secrets, some too terrifying and great to even begin to imagine, but one of the most terrifying of all, is not what the shadows hide, but who chooses to hide in the shadows. Watching you eternally, like vampire
uhm... it's a story about finding the light through the darkness... it's not that good but hey that's only my opinion...
If your seeing funny stuff on my stories go to View--Encoding--unicode and it should fix the problem. This just goes deeper with what i just typed and explains why. read if you want.
Just I Poem I Thought Up A While Ago
a little dedication to faviorite dutch artist sita
A short story based off of a dream I had. I'm warning you now, it's uber depressing.
need a good laugh at randomness heres some waiting to be read
My idea on what is the humans race weakness. Something i think we as a race deny more than anything.
Another conversation with my friend Mike. About Reese's!
A poem I wrote 3 months's pretty crappy,I guess. Uh,enjoy?
old as dirt and totally not my style anymore.. it's to happy.... DIE DIE DIE!!! **kills with a piece of gum**
Are humans unappriciative of what they have in their current day? In this fast paced society, how needy are we?
I've decided to start writing about things that affect everyone's lives, from commercials, television scenerios, and many things that my friends or People I know have been through.
umm well this came to me when I was waiting for my computer to load (its sooo slow all of the sudden)and it sounded cool so I'm puttin it up
so here ya go enjoy =^.^=
Duck Dodgers must fight against New World and the president of New World: Michael Good. But is Dodgers up to the task? Well, seeing as there is a reward.
a random story that I made up... Granny rambles on! (to those who I chat with: It's on my profile WOOHOO!)
Some weird things come to mind, like dreams 4 instance
I wrote this a while ago... I guess the title explains itself... ^^;;
Some random poem I came up with... I think it's kewl. ^^
This is some random poem I came up with... It doesn't really make sense, so don't try to understand it...
About two young men who just... meet.