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A poem about memories not as good as the others but I'm not good at short peoms.
what if Zim got bumped on his head due to a tropical everyday accident from Gir, but to make it worse what if he cant remember where he or what happened
I know... bad summery
Riana an eigteen year old girl is living a difficult life as a gaurdianof the Uxingusu, an ancient race forgotten by time. two other gaurdiansIesuka and Ico both love and will stop for nothing to get her heart.but faith leads to a even harder life when th
Iwas thinking of turning this into a song coz thats what it kinda sounds like to me
sorry, it's dutch
A poem I wrote about a year and a half ago...not sure what it's about.
Wrote this about finding a pic of my b/f. Yes it's a free verse, lol.