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this is my first fan fic so no can see what would happen if blackfire came back.robXstar fluff.
This is just drabbles of the greatest pairing in the world Sladin! I wanna keep this pairing alive because it kicks too much @$$

Song "Sorry" belongs to Buckcherry and Teen Titans belongs to DC comics
The titans meet the lyoko gang
 A one shot that might turn into more chapters later.  Robin and Beast Boy share some sweet and awkward moments.
Raven and BeastBoy find something in each other that they've never seen before.
I little story with Beast Boy well being Beast Boy. Comments please and I take requests! Note: This won the contest! I'm so happy! Frist time ever that I won a contest here!
BBxRae. (One-shot) Unable to sleep one night, Beast Boy discovers that he is not alone. Raven is also awake, and she has a rather embarrassing secret.
Please read this Poll and give me an answer it's for a good reason.
This story is about these 3 teenage witches from the past...they became evil now,then...THEY'RE GONNA TURN SOME PEOPLE INTO REAL MONSTERS!!!
how will luna and the gang stop this?,find out!
What happens when the Mayor of amity park calls on the Teen Titans to help capture Inviso-Bill or Danny Phantom? You just might have to read to fined out! This story should have laffs and action the rest will be a suprize!
this is da story!!! It's an Idol!!
where there's crossovers(Teen Titans,STH)no flames pwese,
and I hope you'll enjoy this story
This is comedy and,well,
TO INUYASHA FANS DO NOT FLAME ME PLEASE!ok,this is about a piranha
was biting B.B's butt DON'T FALME ME!
and it's comedy!


I'm not that man they think I am at home... Oh no. I'm a Rocket man. Yeah. Yeah a Rocket man. Yeah.
Here's my Valentine story! well,hope ya luv it PLEASE NO FLAMES! thank you!
Now you will all stop thinking that blackfire is crazy. SHE IS BLACKFIRE WEASELY DAMN IT! Gawsh. ...dotdotdot...
Ravens dead. After 6 months of her death the Titans are seeing and hearing what seems to be Ravens ghost. But she has something to say to the Titans that might shed a little light on their lives that are falling apart day by day.
Everyone trusts this new guy—everyone but Terra. She thinks he’s connected to Slade and a major threat to them. Who is this mysterious boy and what is he hiding? (WRITTEN BEFORE BETRAYAL!!!!!!)
Tis' a fan-ficcie, idly made about teh Beast Boy, and a new charrie dat comes in..hehee...I shall blissfully add more info later! ^^;;