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It's the old Hardy boys vs the acting wrestlers hardy boys.
For good ol jamie.
Lord Zork is uncle scrooge and he meets a lot a chirstmas spirts get it chirstmas spirts.
What happens if Sherlock home is a Urbancity punk.He turns in to Sherlock homeboy
Last time in Bobobo,he challenge his sister Bebebe and he won,but Bobobo is bored (since they're aren't new episodes any more)He decides to barge in some other shows he invites his friends over like Don Patch,Jelly Jiggler,Beauty and Gasser.
just a few chapters then you know how to draw a person.
When the pre-k (except Suise and Harold) thought they were better than the babies at anything,that made the babies mad,so now they set up a fighting tourment.
Chirs I hope you like this story.
It's when Sponge Bob and Castlevania are mix toghether(sorta).
I thought of this story when I was 4.It's supose to be like the Rugrats in the Mortal Kombat world.