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this is my latest poem about a wolf who's lost his family..and a man watching him...since people seem to like my poems i thought I would write somthing new...hope you all like!
some random poems from my head and other places..........enjoy=^.^=
uhhhgggggg no....sleep....since.....summer....vacation......started......gunna..pass..out...ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz ahhhhhhuuuu I'm awake uuughhhh its 4:30 in the morn and I cant sleep so here ya go
this is a poem about Squirm my character he has many things wrong with him and among them is his constant blaading from the mouth and eyes because of this he never goes out in public he is very very thin and has misery reflecting in his emty grey eye
heh heh heh *dies*
well this was meant to filter some outrageous anger but it only made it worse more of my happy stuff (sarcasem)
well this is the poem for my new charecter well Madd (and by madd I mean insane he will be on soooooooon but for now heres his intake on life oh and if you sing it to a fast beat its pretty cool but dats my opinion
this is the story bout my war zombie dude (see gallery under he needs a name)
ya know a little about him and his past just some info comments, and suggestions for names are apreciated
umm well this came to me when I was waiting for my computer to load (its sooo slow all of the sudden)and it sounded cool so I'm puttin it up
so here ya go enjoy =^.^=