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This was an English assignment that I thought I'd share with you. Our topic was "write about something in your life that brings you joy." I took music, love, and friendship and rolled it all into one. Enjoy!
Okay, I wrote this poem in the middle of sacrament meeting last Sunday, so whatever.... It was inspired by Mitsuki and Izumi from Full Moon wo Sagashoote. If you don't know what a Shinigami is, then please don't hesitate to ask me. Enjoy!
This is a poem I was inspired to write while I was in my english class the other day.
Another poem. I wasn't feeling so good one day, so I wrote this. It's called depression....
This is my first contest entry for NekoChika's contest. Hope you like it Chika-chan! It's KibouShipping!
This is a story I promised Cat-chan, Moon_Princess, back in October. If she wants to, she can consider it a contest fic, but it doesn't matter to me. This takes place at the end of Eternal Snow, sort of. Read and enjoy!
This is a poem I wrote for my real life friend, Songwriter, because of all the stuff we've been through together this last school year. Enjoy!
Another poem. I wrote it a long time ago, but I didn't know what to call it or what to do with it really, but now it's complete, and to me, it makes no sense at all whatsoever. Enjoy!
This is just a poem I wrote while on vacation, nothing big. Hope you like it!
This is a poem I decided to write for my friend YamiRevea as a Christmas gift because she's one of the best friends I could ever have and I am unable to get her a physical gift. Hope you like it Jenny-chan!
This is another one of my poems. I've been feeling a little depressed lately and this poem will explain why. You can answer the question towards the end if you want to. I hope you enjoy it. It's also written in song form.
This is a song I wrote a few days ago. It's Into the West from LOTR rewritten.
This is a poem that was inspired by bookworm369, YamiRevea, and YoriXYamiForever. I wrote this sometime this week 'cause I was feeling really depressed that day....