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'No,..there was no denying what had been said, and the truth in his words felt heavy upon her heart.' (a short one-shot, and a look at my favorite teen titan couple.)
-Gaz's P.O.V.-
I brought at hand up to my neck, feeling for what I knew wouldn't be there. My necklace, my skull shaped necklace....gone.
(Kinda angsty...and dramatic)
Maybe some things weren't meant to be understood. *A slight -Zim and Dib friendship.* one-shot.
Pink eyes staring into green, cheeks tinting red, and everything was understood.
Perhaps humans possessed a certain quality that allowed them to see past the emptiness of the night sky.....past the fury of the burning stars...and the loneliness of the moon. ZADF One-shot!!
Raven worrys over what to get Beastboy for his Birthday....but sometimes the simplest of gifts can be the best. BBXRAE
somethings wrong with Beastboy.....can anyone figure out 'what's wrong' and help him...Raven thinks so....but what will this lead to?RavenXBeastboy
heres a letter slash poem dib has written his father before he's touching....sorta angsty.....i like it.....i bet you'd like it too....go on and know you want to
dib has something to tell gaz....well actually it's more of a poem type story....but trust me you'll like's cute
sometimes people hide behind a smile to fool others but deep down they know they can't lie to themselves
it's a poem from dibs POV.....very dramatic.....and it and i'm sure you wont be disappointed
this poems about the color black.....i like the color black...hope it gives u chills....ooooowwww
Dib's living a nightmare and one filled with sorrow and regret.Is there anything he can do to change the past or will he learn some things are beter left alone.Perhaps there is a way for him to find peace....
three years in the future and Dib notices a change in Zim. He goes to investigate and finds out the truth or rather the lie behind his mission.Now Zims just trying to get by but it seems fate has delt him a losing hand when his base gets destroyed.Zi