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FireWolf's Profile
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Username FireWolf Gender Female
Date Joined Location Why do you want to know? O_o
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Member Info
I invaded your profile again! Your new picture is beautiful, isn't it? xD

Hi! I'm Kriss and all of my artwork that i post will be hand drawn and then i borrowed my friend's scanner 'cuase i don't have my own. If you serioulsy want to see how crappy i draw on the comp let me know and i will send you a crappy picture! =D

Anyways. I write alot of fanfictions as well. I mostly work on my penname on there is Max_Mustang if you wanna look me up on there. I am considering posting my stories on here as well.

Anyways, here's my info!

Name and Gender you already know
Hair color: Blackish brownish
Eye Color: Brown
Weight and Hight i don't even know
Hobbies: Writing, attempting to draw, being on the internet, and attempting to play the guitar
Anime likes; InuYasha, Full Metal Alchemist, YU Gi OH, case closed, pokemon, Friuts Basket, Ranma 1/2, Wish, Psyci Acadamy, and Samurai Champloo

Character likes,
InuYasha - Koga
Full Metal Alchemist - Ed
Yu Gi Oh- Rex
Case Closed - Jimmy
Pokemon - James
Friuts Basket - Kyo
Ranma 1/2 - Ryoga
Wish - Koryu
Psychic Acadamy - Tanja
Samurai Champloo- Jin

Character dislikes
InuYasha - Kagome (DIE DIE DIE DIE!)
Full Metal Alchemist - Lust (There's no one else i really hate)
Yu Gi Oh - Pegasus (What a freakin' gaywad)
Case Closed - George ( I think that's his name X.x)
Pokemon - Jesse (how annoying >_>)
Friuts Basket - Kagura (KYO IS MINE!)
Ranma 1/2 - Shampoo (Also freakin' annoying)
Wish - Hari and Ruri (I know that's two people but they're twins!)
Psychic Acadamy - i dunno o.o XD
Samurai Champloo - Mugen

Other Likes; Legend of Zelda, ocarina of time, once upon a time in Mexico, Harry Potter, The Sight, Warriors and other shiz that i'm too lazy to think of.

I ALSO TAKE REQUESTS! But, as you will see in Mokie_Coat's i do also have rules.

1. Keep it withen the manga/anime's that i mentioned above and Warriors if you so wish, if you have one that is not mentioned above, check it with me and i might do it anyways.
2. NO NUDITY! Also NO yaoi, OR yuri. Please, that stuff tends to scare me =3
3. I am not the world's fastest artist, so please allow time for me to draw the requested pic.
4. If you want me to draw an original character, i will if you give me a detailed description of the person. I.E. hair length, clothes style, any special characterists etc. etc. I will also draw your character with another from and anime/manga, refer to rule 1.

well, i think that's about it, so please, commment on my profile and i'll check back with you!

Erika is invading! Oh em geeeeee! =O Kay. xD Kriss, you need to start doing a quote of the moment thing like me. It's fun! And I'll even provide you with your first quote of the moment:

Quote of the Moment:

tennisspaz27 (7:15:27 PM): a jahovahs witness
x77WolfGirl77 (7:15:32 PM): ?
tennisspaz27 (7:15:34 PM): u no what that is right
tennisspaz27 (7:15:45 PM): religion, no holidays they come to ur house and try to convert u
x77WolfGirl77 (7:15:47 PM): -only pays attention to anime-
x77WolfGirl77 (7:15:58 PM): O_o i hate those peoples!
x77WolfGirl77 (7:16:07 PM): if no one's home i tell them to go away xD
tennisspaz27 (7:16:13 PM): okay well they came to my door and i invited them in for lemonade
tennisspaz27 (7:16:33 PM): they came in, apparently their mommas didn't teach them anything
x77WolfGirl77 (7:16:41 PM): xD
tennisspaz27 (7:16:50 PM): and i told them that i was part of a satanic cult
x77WolfGirl77 (7:16:54 PM): XDDDD
x77WolfGirl77 (7:16:57 PM): GOOD FOR YOU!
x77WolfGirl77 (7:17:00 PM): i'd do the same xD
tennisspaz27 (7:17:12 PM): they spat out the lemonade and left, i feel so unloved
tennisspaz27 (7:17:20 PM): did i say something wrong?!
x77WolfGirl77 (7:17:24 PM): aww, poor you
tennisspaz27 (7:17:25 PM):
x77WolfGirl77 (7:17:27 PM): no, of course not!
~... Steph rocks!


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Ponichu on August 8, 2005, 7:33:55 PM

Ponichu on
Ponichuyou like me? YOU LIKE ME?!?! ;_; *hugs you*YOU LIKE MEEEEE!!!! X3333
XD I'm not into yuri either :P

Ponichu on August 8, 2005, 4:52:56 AM

Ponichu on
PonichuThanks for the comment and fav on my Ryoga pic^-^

sueno-y-muere on August 4, 2005, 8:18:09 AM

sueno-y-muere on
sueno-y-muerehewo!!!! Ur request ish up!! I kno its not good!!! But idid the best i cans!!!!!

shadow_wolfie on July 25, 2005, 5:40:07 PM

shadow_wolfie on
shadow_wolfiehi!i've done ur request and ur pic r good^^

orangegirl on July 25, 2005, 2:22:57 AM

orangegirl on
orangegirlomg.. thank you for all the comments.. they make me very happy :-) :-) :-)

orangegirl on July 25, 2005, 1:59:54 AM

orangegirl on
orangegirlawesome! we have things in common :-)

orangegirl on July 24, 2005, 5:25:20 AM

orangegirl on
orangegirli love that turkey pic of urs! lol
i just wanted to say that, oh, and hi :-)

Mokie_Coat on July 24, 2005, 5:18:52 AM

Mokie_Coat on

Draw our lunch table! xD You have to include at least some if not all of the following:

Apple Buddy, Mercedes spewing liquids, Sexo, The MLC, the MC, the "It's a lightsaber" quote, squishing peas, Harry P-o-tter, Some kind of sekusu, Tail fuzz, and anything else you can think of! xD This is gonna be great!

Then draw Seto standing off to the side like "o_O..." and call the picture "WWST". =D

YAY! xD -dying just immagining it-

Mokie_Coat on July 20, 2005, 10:52:22 AM

Mokie_Coat on
Mokie_CoatI'm done with your request! It should be up soon. Joey looks so cute! ^_^ Poor little sock. ;_;


Mokie_Coat on July 20, 2005, 9:30:56 AM

Mokie_Coat on
Mokie_CoatOH OH OH OH OH I HAVE A REQUEST! Draw our three "Super Peoples"! AKA, Daddy, Seto, and Koga. Daddy has to be saving the llama, Seto has to be killing the ice cream with his lazer eyes, and draw Koga all sad because InuYasha ate the cheese he was supposed to save. This will be fun. xD

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