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Kitsune_the_priestess's Profile

Kitsune_the_priestess's Profile
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Username Kitsune_the_priestess Gender Female
Date Joined Location Tokyo,Japan
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Member Info

Member Info

Name: Kitsune Yurimeshie
Age: 450 but looks 14
Species: Fox Demon
Height: 5'0"
Eyes: Pitch black
Gender: Female
Home: Feudal Japan
Mate: Inuyasha
Siblings: Shippo he's my twin brother
Powers: levitate shape shifting reading minds foxfire
Pets: Black dragon named Night Wings
Favorite Colors: black, light green, green, red, silver, grey, and amber
Weapon: Sword The Nonaoa
Friends: Friends?
Charactoristics: hair silver, ears silver, tail silver, tips of ears black, tip of tail black, eyes black, pentigram on hand
Teeth: K9s
Clothing: Forest green inuyasha kimono but usually black pants with lots of pockets and zippers and a black shirt with anarchy sign or sumthin on it with black chuck taylors and wearing head phones with cd player in 1 of the pockets even if its off
Favorite Foods: Tofu, sushi, rice balls
Anime: Inuyasha, Wolf's Rain, Witch Hunter Robin, Angels Sanctuary, .Hack//sign, Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy BeBop, Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex, Trigun, Rurouni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho
Bands: Good Charlotte, Green Day, Simple Plan, Blink 182, Korn, Weezer, Current Condition, Sum 41, Gackt, Puffy AmiYumi, Evanescence, Busted, My Chemical Romance, Kittie

The Lost Heart

A young fox demon sitting in a huge oak tree. She was very beautiful. She had silver hair that she always kept flowing down to her thighs. Her eyes were black and she was 450 years old in demon years (which was not old at all since she appeared 13). She looked exactly like a normal girl except that she had fangs, ears, and a tail. Anyway she was sitting when suddenly a crow demon appeared and knocked her out of the tree and leaving her unconscious thinking that she was dead. Inuyasha and the others were coming into the forest when stopping they saw her lying there unconscious. Kagome used herbs to awaken her. She awoke and immediately went for her sword but it was in the tree so in vain she asked who they were. They all answered and she in turn told them that her name was Kitsune and about all that had happened between her and the crow demon. "That's horrible" said Kagome. "Well" said Kitsune "I have nothing better to do now. May I stay with you guys?". Miroku was delighted to have another girl *wink*. Sango said they would need all the help they could get. Shippo was ecstatic to have a fox to play with and teach him. But Inuyasha was wary of the fact that she was a full demon but he finally consented to it and Kitsune smiled. Kagome was happy for another traveler to help them and they soon learned that she was a priestess who disguised herself to look like a normal girl by using fox magic. Many months passed and they foiled many of Naraku's plans. Soon Kitsune began to think that she was falling in love with Inuyasha but it was no use because it was plain to see he cared only for Kagome. She sighed and continued to daydream of her and him secretly. Kagome was beginning to see the look in her eye when Kitsune looked at Inuyasha and knowing what was happening she began to think that it would be better for her to step aside. After all she was getting older everyday and Inuyasha would be alive forever she knew but Kitsune was just like Inuyasha plus she liked Kitsune very much and they were very good friends. So she decided she would do her best to push the two together. Inuyasha at that time had indeed begun to realize that he had feelings for the fox but he couldn't bring it to himself to trust a full grown demon, especially a fox since he already had trouble with Shippo. And so things continued this way with Inuyasha ignoring her so as not to reveal his feelings, Kagome constantly pushing them together, and Kitsune trying her hardest to prove to him that she wasn't like other demons until one day Kitsune heard a noise in the woods and went to explore it. It was Kanna and Kagura setting a trap for her! She tried to scream but was instantly knocked out by Kagura's fan and taken to Naraku's castle. Naraku was waiting for them and instantly cast an enchantment on her to turn her soul evil. She awoke in a start and was now wearing a short forest green kimono. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail and she carried a sword Naraku named 'Shouten'. She arose and said to Naraku "what do you wish master Naraku?". "Travel the lands and destroy any villages you may pass and draw Inuyasha to you. You will not remember any of this until I summon you. During the time you travel you will be nothing but a harmless fox demon until I return you're memory every time you pass a village. You will have a new name devoid of any goodness and pureness of heart. You shall now be known as Tsubaku but when summoned your name shall be Blackheart. Now go and wait for my orders". At this he lightly touched her forehead erasing all memory of now and pretended he was her father he said "now go Tsubaku and travel the lands so that you may learn all that there is to know" and with that she went to Kagura (who was pretending to be her aunt) and flew down to the ground to start her traveling. At that same moment the group was in a frenzy wondering where she was and whether they ought to go out and find her but they decided she must have gone ahead to the next village so they made the trip but when they got there the village was a wreck! The villagers told tales of a fox demon girl who attacked the village and wore a forest green kimono and carried a sword called Shouten. At first the gang thought it might be Kitsune but thinking of the kind sweet girl brought them to the decision that it couldn't be her so they traveled on through villages with the same scenario everywhere they went. Kitsune meanwhile was doing just as she was told, appearing as a sweet young lady priestess by day and at night Naraku summoned her and she began the slaughtering. It continued that way until one day Inuyasha and the others got a head start and were at a village the same time she was. So it was in this way that they met up with her by searching for the Priestess of the village who she had been helping that very moment. They walked into the hut and saw her immediately and the girls and Shippo embraced her (Miroku tried but Sango wouldn't allow it). "Um why are you embracing me in such a way for I'm sure we have not met" she said. "What are you talking about Kitsune we are your friends" said Kagome. "My name is Tsubaku, not Kitsune so whoever you're talking about is not me" she said. The group were all very confused at this but turned around to leave anyway when suddenly Kitsune spoke in her normal voice "You all must leave! terrible things happen to the villages I'm at!" she said. "What are you talking about?" said Inuyasha who was now very worried that what they feared was true. But it was too late. The hold on her was once more strengthened and she remembered nothing. So the group left for a home next door so that they could keep an eye on her. Miroku did his thing and they got a room there. So at night as was planned because there meeting and everything after was planned by Naraku, he once again awakened her and she walked out of the hut and set fire to the village using fireballs. The gang was awakened and they rushed out of the hut only to see their beloved Kitsune destroying the entire village! They tried to stop her they shouted words of encouragement to help her fight it but it was no use. Finally Inuyasha decided something had to be done so he knocked her out and they rode with her on his back to Kaede's village hut. She woke up and tried to grab for her sword but it was gone so she had lay down and watch as they discussed what to do with her. "What are we supposed to do Kaede!!" said Inuyasha "she cant stay here like this she'll kill us all when she's healed!" "Inuyasha!!" said Kaede "you must not think of this poor girl as an evil demon! she is still the same girl you met deep inside. As for your question the antidote is simple, she must be kissed by the one she loves". At this Kitsune was so angry she yelled right out at Inuyasha "how dare you!! I will NOT be kissed by a pathetic half-breed mutt like you!!". "I'd rather not kiss you this way either you know!! The least thing I want to do is kiss an enemy!". "INUYASHA!!!" said Kaede "you must remember that this is still Kitsune!! she is no enemy deep down and if you want her back you'd better do as I say!! you all come with me they need to be alone". Kitsune growled as he reluctantly leaned in closer to her but the kind Kitsune was breaking through and she allowed him to move closer to her lips. Inuyasha (though he didn't show it) enjoyed kissing her and when he finally broke off he saw that she was in tears and embraced her letting her lean on his shoulder. "Inuyasha" she said "I'm so sorry. This was all my fault and I knew what was going on but couldn't stop it. Oh and you're not a pathetic half-breed mutt in my eyes". "I know" he said "you were under a spell its not your fault". "I feel so horrible" she said. They both smiled and walked outside hand-in-hand back to the others as they all hugged her and welcomed her back. (Miroku tried to feel her as he hugged her but Inuyasha punched him on the head like he does to Shippo. And so they continued there travels for the Shikon jewel and battled Naraku many times. They faced many adventures together.

I am the Treasurer of The Kitsune Clan.
If you wish to join, please contact me, kitsunelover25, or fFox_fFire.
Thank you.
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Red_ink on April 19, 2005, 6:55:56 AM

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Red_inkHello, are you my friend.
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im so happy

Shadows2mew on March 26, 2005, 7:54:04 AM

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Shadows2mewKitsuneeeee!!! Im BAAAAAAAAAAACK!!! Muahahahahahahaha!! fFox__fFire has returned!!!! i have FINALLY finished studying for my computer competency test!!! WHooopee!!! PLEASE talk to on my bro account to me there. PLEASE!!!

shippogirl on March 18, 2005, 9:08:24 AM

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shippogirlhere r my answers:
1.I love foxes
3.I don't hate anyone :)

shippogirl on March 16, 2005, 8:38:37 AM

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shippogirloh oh if u ever get my comment i'll be in the kitsune clan.........YAY SHIPPO

Sesshomaru1111 on March 16, 2005, 3:55:35 AM

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Sesshomaru1111Could you plz read my story PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!

kitsunelover25 on March 12, 2005, 3:21:40 PM

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kitsunelover25Lien wishes for you to join this;

Please join for her.


(And umm...Kitsune...I am sorry...I hope we get to speak to each other again someday.
Just...I'm sorry.)

StarrySkyFox on March 1, 2005, 5:23:49 AM

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StarrySkyFoxyour requets is finished kitsune!

Shadows2mew on January 30, 2005, 9:49:05 AM

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Shadows2mewPs. its me fFox__fFire remember? im using mi bro's account while he's with my uncle!

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