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LuLu_Bell's Profile
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Username LuLu_Bell Gender Female
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Member Info
I am 11 years old and i love INUYASHA!!!
I draw anime and im good at it too!My mom and well my whole family helps me alot!!! so i reseoct my dad tought me how to draw too.i also got the name LuLu Bell from the cute lil kitten that lives in my cousins shop Tech Talk Computers and it is so so cute!!!=^~^=
I also have a dog named suds and he is a terrier and i have a small fancy whight dwarf hamster named Maylynn! and my name is kaylynn!!!!!

People at my school think im a goth but i have nothing agensted them but im not! it makes me so mad for people to think that im something im not!so i have a horrible timper! and i cant get over it!!!!!!
my friend is sesshomaru200000 and she is awsome!!!!!also i love the color red and black and i still keep my tought that I AM NOT A GOTH!!!!!!!!! thank you.......................i think.i live in norco,louisiana too and i like to take my relaxing place with my dad when he takes me to a certain place in the spillway! i also have 4 sowards, one dager, and a butterfly knife and i love them all! *pets swords and plots to erase the next person who doesn't like her drawings.*srry i had a moment! *twich*well thats all!

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!*runs away from miget who works in nut house* NEVER!! U WILL NEVER TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!!!*falls* * nut house truck is comeing for her and got her*
* rocks back a forth* heheheheheheheheheheheh *got lose* HAHAHAHAHA!!! *miget came with gun* no u wonet take me away!! never NEVER!!*GRABS MOP AND HIT THE MIGET ON THE HEAD AND GRABBED GUN* now lets have some fun shall we! *shoots the people who works there* MAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! WE WILL ROCK ALL NIGHT AND PARTY EVERY DAY!!!!! * crazy people has ruled the world! *pets gun* inu inu inu! me love inuyasha and he all mine!!!!!!!


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DX on July 6, 2006, 1:47:05 PM

DX on
DXi used to have a dog named lulu but we mostly caled her lulabelle  she died not too long ago i think it was decemder 4 2005

CrimsonCherryBlossom on July 19, 2005, 2:15:01 AM

CrimsonCherryBlossom on
CrimsonCherryBlossomHiya! Um thanks for adding me to your favorite artists list! I really appreciate it! ^__^ You also seem really cool. I can understand what you go through...people always call me goth too. But screw them, there just judgemental. Anyway...your arts pretty good for an 11 year old. Keep up the good work and thanks again!!! Buh~Byez!!!

sesshomaru200000 on July 14, 2005, 3:08:49 PM

sesshomaru200000 on
sesshomaru200000Heool kay-ums. (like the new nick name?) I have to show you some pictures. You will soo love them!! *evil laugh*
I am not tired. I can't go to sleep, and I don't feel like reading. If I did, I would of been off of the net at 10:00! Want to know what time it is now? 12:06...
Tori need our help tomorrow... wait it would really be later on today, woundn't it? I think it would... Grr!! *pulls out hair* oopies... now I don't want to be like dado, do I... *gets super glue and glues hair back on*
Omg the glasses still fell weird on me and I get dizzy still too.. I was walking to get me somthing to drink and I almost tripped.... Well because I am tired of talking to you and have nothing else to put, I am going to cut up more purple beads... Yeah, I know. I am too much of a purple freak, but you can't make fun of me because of that Inuyasha freak!! *gets sitck and pokes you in eye* By uy! oh and luvies!!

punkrocker on July 12, 2005, 2:52:03 PM

punkrocker on
punkrockerHey whats up?Thanx for the comment+_+

sesshomaru200000 on June 13, 2005, 12:12:59 PM

sesshomaru200000 on
sesshomaru200000Hey kaylynn!! (yet again I know... I have nothing to do...)
I got tired of that linkin park cd... I NEED new cds... Its like my 11th time I heard the linkin park cd today. My head hurts from all the songs... Ouchies!! ^^ I hope blaine is finished with the cd he made me. Maybe the next on he makes should have mor songs, no? *Takes butterfly knife from you* Don't forget, you said when you die I get your swords and stuff.... MUHAHAHA! you death is going to be short and sweet... well to me it is going to be sweet.
Ok I think I need to shut up now. Hey is you want to Upload any new pictures, then come to my house and give me the piccys you want to up load.
Bu bye *hugs*

AgentC on June 11, 2005, 12:29:30 PM

AgentC on
AgentCHey there! Nice pics on your gallery. You have some good talent. Hope to see more. Welcome to FAC!

sesshomaru200000 on June 11, 2005, 10:07:35 AM

sesshomaru200000 on
sesshomaru200000Welcome to fanart Central!

Hewwo Kaylynn!! (or in other words daughter!!)

Mommy luvs you!!

Hope to see some new drawings of yours.

I feel sorry for you because of the cat that was on your back not too long ago.


You know that I lulas!!

See you tomorrow!! and maybe later today we can watch Elektra!! And maybe you can sleep over... hum...
*hugs again*


Bu bye!!

LuLu_Bell on June 11, 2005, 9:58:10 AM

LuLu_Bell on
LuLu_Belli like the miget!!!!!!!!

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