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MidnightDarkness666's Profile

MidnightDarkness666's Profile
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Username MidnightDarkness666 Gender Female
Date Joined Location England Northampton
Last Updated Occupation Student and junior Dragonologist
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Member Info
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Name: Amy Scholefield
Age: 15
Ocupation: Student/ Junior Dragonologist
Location: Northampton
Religieon: Paga Witch
Star Sign: Libra

Favorite Movies/Anime: The Crow, The Labryinth, Cradle of Fear and Underworld 1+2

Favorite TV Shows: Shaman King, Naruto, Death Note, Mew Mew Power, Avatar and Elfen Lied.

Favorite Reads: Twighlight, New Moon and Looking for Group.

Favorite Music/Bands: Metal music: Him, Nightwish, Evanescence Cradle of Filth and Epica

Hobbies/Interests: Drawing Anime/Manga, Watching Anime/Manga and Gothic Culture

I live in Chav filled England with my moody mum and chilled out Dad. Ever singe Poke'mon I've been obbsessed with Anime! I luv it and the characters are great! In engalnd Anime gains a small fan crowd but not much, people would rather watch stupid Soaps!

I have a weird personality (Weird meaning split) one minute I'll be depressed the next I'll be dementadly hyper. I've loved drawing ever since I was a kid my dads bin real supportive to.

I can only draw Anime and didn't take GCSE Art due to the fact I hate being told what to draw and like to do it at my own pace. I'm reallt intellegent compared to most people and love history, hate .P.E. I behave well and don't do anything underage! (Unless it's seeing a good movie)I also think that anyone who has kids under age needs to be executed, Prostetutes are filthy and need to be eliminated and Single mums with kids to different dads are people who just don't know how to say "No!" I am very Facist and if I get into power... Muhahahahah! (As if that will happen)

I love my gothic style and wouldn't change it! I hate wearind makeup like Matte mouse/Foundation or Fake tan (Pale is beautiful), the world has been tainted by it's glow!!! Thats why no one thinks your breautiful unless you wear 10,000 layers of makeup! I prefer natural beauty.

My boyfriend Mark is the greatest guy ever! Hes about 6'3 feet tall, long blackish brown hair, really slim and none muscular, very feminine absoulutly adores me and a complete phsyco! He often says that if he ever went to his prom he'd have taken an AK47! He turned 17 in April and had similar experiences to me at school and went straight on to college instead of sixthform. I treat him like my dog but in a loving way. I can even dictate what he wears LOL! This is only cos I've watched my mum be messed around by my dad.

I have a demented imagination, I often dream of killing my bullies. I'd make them suffer and squirm! I love revenge! My own sanity has been bullied right out of me and so now: I have severe Paranioa and have fits of violent shaking, Rocking backwards and forwards and have trouble breathing. I hate when younger kids bully me and if I try to stop them they go crying to their older brothers and sisters who say "Their younger than you so it's not bullying" it dosen't make a difference and they deserve to die aswell! Now if theres any of you out there reading this: You've broken me and a wiccan curse on you all...


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MetaKnight56 on May 10, 2008, 4:59:21 AM

MetaKnight56 on
MetaKnight56hello luv ur dwawings

MidnightDarkness666 on June 4, 2008, 4:50:55 AM

MidnightDarkness666 on
MidnightDarkness666You should see my new stuff i need to get on my dads scanner

TheTwilightsCat on February 23, 2008, 11:06:43 AM

TheTwilightsCat on
TheTwilightsCatI'm glad to be ur fan! (hugs u back) :D

vesblondie on January 16, 2008, 8:00:12 AM

vesblondie on
vesblondieMerry (extremely late) Christmas to you too :D
I just got a DS for christmas :D *parties* ...and I have to read Twilight and the series A.S.A.P. before Lane tells me everything XDDDD he-he.

Koji45 on January 8, 2008, 5:55:36 AM

Koji45 on
Koji45OMG HIIII!! XD lol how is youuu?

.......I feel like I haven't posted here in ages -_- (not counting the reacent two)

MidnightDarkness666 on January 8, 2008, 9:03:32 PM

MidnightDarkness666 on
MidnightDarkness666I'm fine had a graet Christmas!

Koji45 on January 9, 2008, 4:46:57 AM

Koji45 on
Koji45Awesome! =D What were some of the things you got for Christmas ^.^

lol XP we had 3 noisy friends over all Christmas Day. (except for in the morning)

Koji45 on December 24, 2007, 1:16:57 PM

Koji45 on

MidnightDarkness666 on January 8, 2008, 8:51:28 PM

MidnightDarkness666 on
MidnightDarkness666Merry Christmas!!!!

KingdomHeartsQueen8 on November 25, 2007, 4:28:12 AM

KingdomHeartsQueen8 on

KingdomHeartsQueen8 on November 25, 2007, 4:35:08 AM

KingdomHeartsQueen8 on
KingdomHeartsQueen8hey want to friends! lol i like being obesessed with Axel!^^

MidnightDarkness666 on December 6, 2007, 9:49:39 PM

MidnightDarkness666 on
MidnightDarkness666Sure thing!

xxRoguexx on November 20, 2007, 8:22:46 AM

xxRoguexx on
xxRoguexxhey hey

MidnightDarkness666 on November 22, 2007, 10:22:15 PM

MidnightDarkness666 on
MidnightDarkness666Hi hi!



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